Friday, September 21, 2012

The twins, just as they are


The personalities of the twins are emerging. One is so different from the other and vice versa. What they share is they've spent all of their lives, even in utero, together.

They are so sweet. So pure.

I am sure going to miss the baby stage.


I am off to weep now.

I love you, babies.

1st day of preschool, the year before kindergarten

My second born's first day of preschool wasn't yesterday. Nor was it last week. I'm just super behind. Has has become my new normal in getting things done.

Victoria's first day of school was September 5th.

She was so very excited. That day couldn't come sooner.

But, she likes to play this game where she acts like she's shy. Wants to be ushered, begged, cajoled to join the class, even though she's ready to go to school at 7:30 in the morning (when school doesn't start until 9 am). Can someone help me understand this?


I love you, baby girl. Though you are no longer the youngest and haven't been for nearly a year, you are still my baby girl.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

First Grade and Back to School night


Tonight, I had to go to Back-to-School night, for parents, at Isabella's school. I am still in shock that my first born, my Isabella, is in first grade.

Let me air out a confession. I have been in school since I was four and a half (even earlier, if you count my attendance in preschool) and am still a student. Some would call me a lifetime student. But, I am not the greatest classroom learner. Through the years, I have figured out how to listen to the teacher in class and learn. However, my daughter, Isabella, is simply the manifestation of her mommy. I like to talk, I like to move, I like to be gleeful. That's not encouraged in the classroom.

How did I digress?

Expectations were delivered by her teacher. Isabella's teacher told us, the parents, what to expect, what the students are going to learn this year.

Isabella's had two weeks of school, two weeks of 1st grade. What a difference there is, so far, between first grade and kindergarten. She and her classmates have homework to do at home nearly every week night. I'm not talking about work that wasn't finished in class. I am talking about work set aside, to be completed in its entirety, at home.

Now, I am beginning to understand why some parents complain about homework.

By the time Isabella arrives home from school and gets settled, she has about an hour and a half before dinner time and bed time. AN HOUR AND A HALF. Unless she does her homework and her violin practice quickly, she doesn't really have time to play and relax. Though she'll be turning six in less than two weeks, she's still young.


While the teacher was jabbering (no, not really; but, as I said and admitted, I have trouble focusing just on what the teacher's saying), I thumbed through the folder she and Isabella put together. My eyes were fixed on the folder she was asked to personalize, pictured above.

In her picture, there are angels in the clouds. Later, when I got home and asked her to explain her picture, I found out one of her twin siblings is in the clouds and one is somewhat closer to the ground. One very striking observation I noticed right away, is that many of the figures in her picture, including angels, are wearing glasses. Her picture tells so many stories.

I looked at many of the other file folders around the classroom, and hers, by far, included the most detail and had so much to say. For my little girl, my daughter, my beloved, who has weathered so much in the last year, she shows so much maturity and promise.

I love you, darling Isabella.

Monday, September 03, 2012

The twins at 11 months

On the first (of September), the twins turned 11 months old. Who? What?

I have been asked, has the time gone by quickly or slowly. Slowly? Are you kidding me. Just completing everyday tasks - changing diapers, feeding little persons, getting people to sleep - and the day is gone in the blink of an eye. I dared to blink a few times and days, weeks, months waved farewell to me and giggled at me.

Couldn't narrow the pool of photographs down to just one, so I thought I'd provide a photo booth sort of thing.


Happy 11 months, honeys. I love you so very much.