Monday, August 27, 2012

Starting first grade

Wednesday of last week, the 22nd, my firstborn began her first day of school. In first grade.

Kindergarten was a transition for all parties. We won't go into any details here. But it was a rough transition that lasted a few weeks.

I believe I was as nervous as she was. Will going all day seem long and daunting for her? Will she remember to go to the bathroom when she needs to go? Will any accidents happen? Will she tell her teacher she doesn't have any snacks from home, when I've prepared two different kinds of snacks? Will she chat up her classmates when her teacher is trying to instruct the students?


Then, I wondered how Victoria was going to do without her older sister.


Look at this big girl. She can somehow muscle that heavy door open. And, she holds the door open while I push that difficult-to-maneuver stroller the twins are using.


Victoria, what are you going to do without your playmate?!


I think she's a big kid now. How in the world am I going to survive all the other first days of school in the years to come. I think I'm going to cry, now.


Happy first day of class, munchkin.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Who's on top?

I'm not sure why he is always her short-cut or shortest route where ever she wants to go. But there is the evidence, people, that she's constantly on top of him. Not just during sleeping time.


 But, thankfully, her brother's pretty easy going. Very snuggle-y, cuddly, and sweet. Except when she grabs his face.


When he gets her back, touches her face or grabs her hair, she doesn't like it. Not one bit. But, all in all, they need each other. They are bed fellows, without which they are sad and cannot sleep.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Smoothies, the girls' choices

So many, many of these girls' decisions are out of their hands. If they had their say in what they'd do all day, their answer would be "play, play, play." But also eating and going to the bathroom from time to time. Sleep wouldn't be part of any day-time routine. And, they would certainly try to pull all nighters like some people I know.

I thought I'd put them in the driver's seat for the smoothies they've come to like so much. My five year old and my four year old dictate, for the most part, what goes into these smoothies. Before moving forwards, I should say that what inspired this show-and-tell session was Manda. Hats off to you, Manda, for the vegetables that made their way into your smoothies. Er, not so much the romaine lettuce. Maybe, maybe the spinach or, um, kale.

My girls make excellent choices, most of the time.

Usually includes yogurt. We use whole milk yogurt. Not all fat is bad fat. Might as well use some fat to satisfy the body. Plus, that sort of fat is important to little ones' brain development, right? Second ingredient that is always used: bananas. I tell the girls that that makes the smoothies naturally sweet, without using added sugar. A third ingredient that is always included is a teaspoon of coconut oil. Lots of bonuses to regular ingestion of coconut oil. From there, there are variations. Frozen strawberries and fresh blueberries were in the mix today. Sometimes they want just banana (for fruit). Some times bananas and blueberries. Some times bananas and frozen strawberries. They also like to throw frozen mangoes into the mix.

There you have it girlies.

No ice is needed. It's pretty cold with the frozen fruit. If you prefer to use fresh fruit, you can freeze bananas, strawberries, or blueberries. No added sugar is needed; certain fruits can add plenty of sweetness.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Ten months


Wednesday, the twins turned 10 months. In the morning, when I wanted to take their pictures, they were mad. Can't remember why. But, morning is my only chance to take decent shots of them. Trying to take photographs later in the day is futile, because they don't nap like they're supposed to (and are crabby as a result) or because it's already their bedtime at night. So, I bribed them with a few plain Cheerios. Did it work? Are you fooled?

Didn't think so. Christian's eyes and face are still red.

I love my babies. My nurslings. My firecrackers. My little love bugs.

Can hardly believe they have been with us, visible in this world, for ten months now!