Sunday, January 22, 2012

Taking 3 to beat a 3 yr old at completing a puzzle

Three ladies heard about a three year old who completes puzzles. Puzzles that aren't rectangular or easy to do. Puzzles that are less than obvious.


And these ladies set out to beat this three year old.


Worked fast and furiously, they did.

Just as the three year old does, they took on the challenge of not turning to the box (or the photograph on the box) for help.


Here is their opponent, the three year old.


Here is the three year old with her favorite puzzle.


Who ended up winning?


Thursday, January 12, 2012

At 3 months


On January 1st, my twins turned 3 months old. My intent was to take photographs of both of them. But that didn't happen. That they were both not crying or wanting something or other didn't seem to happen at the same time.

Happy 3 months babies.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Nursing twins and eating like two growing teenagers

A few hundred calories per nursing babe, on top of what a person's supposed to consume on a daily basis, is what a nursing mom needs to take in.

Of course I knew what those words meant. I've been speaking English since, well, since language started departing from my lips. I have even spent a majority of my life in school, well beyond undergraduate schooling. But those words carried new, very personal meaning once I became a mom nursing two babies.

Imagine two growing teenagers in a household. Heck, imagine two growing teenage BOYS eating ravenously. That's me. No, I am not a boy. And no, I am not a teenager. Just trying to eat enough for two twins and me.

I out-ate everyone at the Thanksgiving meal, including an ex-marine. Not joking. Not exaggerating. At Christmas, I could compete with a guy in the navy. He's much taller than I am.

I add heavy whipping cream to my tea.

I need full meals, not just snacks, every two to three (though I'm suffering if I wait until three) hours. My body needs 32 oz of water every two hours.

The results? Twins that were born at 7 lbs 9 oz and 6 lbs 14 oz are now (3 months later) 8 lbs 14 oz and 11 lbs, respectively.

Make no mistake. Nursing is not for those who are stingy or forgetful with food, caloric intake, and water consumption. It's a job, requiring deliberate, consistent, frequent attention and activity (eating, drinking, and resting).

Too busy? Nah. Not for something as beneficial as nursing, for all parties involved. Too busy and too much of a bother?

Come on. I'm a mother of four children, five years old and under. I am the day-time nanny, I am the night time nanny, I am the house keeper, I am the laundromat, I am the chauffeur, I am the cook. You get the idea, right? Cry me a river. No, I get it. I feel overwhelmed sometimes. All the time. But, I am here to say nursing is doable. One can nurse, even if super busy. Nursing twins takes work, hard work.

That being said, I'm off to eat, eat, eat. Where is my heavy whipping cream?


P.S. I should clarify that nursing isn't somehow an excuse to eat everything without exercising discretion. I don't gorge myself on junk food and "bad foods." Though there is permission to eat much more, making wise choices can still be very important.

I was within one pound of my pre-pregnancy weight 2 weeks post-partum. Might have been due to a variety of factors, but I chalk part of the weight-loss influence to nursing.