Friday, October 19, 2012

Having the cake and eating it

I am long, long overdue on writing and posting. Where shall I begin? Our family has been in the clear, in terms of being sick, for awhile. Then, we got bombarded, with a GI virus, laryngitis, the croup, and recently, I got food poisoning. With those things making their rounds, in addition to our usual battery of things to do, quite a circus, let me tell you.


Well, the kiddos and I have passed a major milestone. The twins turned one on the 1st (of October)! We celebrated their birthday with a bang. They had their cake and ate it, too! Stripped them down to their diapers and let them have at it.

One of my friends made these mutant cupcakes especially for the twins. Christine wasted no time whatsover.


Christian wasn't so sure what was going on, however. Once I fed him a bite or two. . .

things changed rather quickly.


Normally, Christine would be very vocal about her brother being in her business, but she seemed to be too busy and preoccupied to care. I guess you can have the cake and eat it, too, honey.


Be still my heart, my sweeties.

Look. Look! LOOK! Christine's even offering me a bite. She offered others bites of her cake as well.

Look how much of hers is gone!


And his, too, even though he spent more time eating hers.

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