Friday, July 30, 2010

All little things red, perhaps?


I've been trying to wrap my head around Victoria's choice of loveys. You can read about recent postings about that here and here. This afternoon, after my husband and I finished singing and the four of us headed upstairs, Victoria was hanging on to these three things: red apples, a red basket, a red ball. Could she be attached to little red things?

Tonight, she had to have two items in her hands to sleep. 1. Basket of apples.

2. This red basket.

Tonight, at bed time, she accidentally dropped the apples from her crib onto the floor and had a fit. She screamed and wailed so loudly, I'm sure the neighbors could hear her. Until I retrieved the apples for her.

Not that Aaron has no place in her life. It's just that Aaron is not as important to her as Henry is to Isabella. Aaron's not totally forgotten. Yet.

But wait, she hasn't forgotten about Bai Xiong. Even though he is still lost.

There goes my all little things red theory. Oh well.

Where have you place the white bear, by the way, Victoria? I've got no gift for figuring out where you stash your goods.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fresh veggies delight

It's interesting that two children, each of whom emerged from my womb, couldn't be more different in some ways. This one, the younger of the two, Victoria, loves to graze on raw vegetables.


On a momentary, entire departure from the subject at hand, she's sporting her favorite shirt and one of her favored pants. She often insists on wearing them, even though it's summer and even though we get temperatures over 100.

Her desire for these vegetables are whilst they are raw. Once they are cooked, she often loses interest in consuming them. Celery is a case in point. Tomatoes? She loves those. If I don't cut them fast enough, there will be none left for whatever purposes I have for them; she will have devoured them all.

Perhaps it's not unusual for little ones to appreciate raw veggies. But, what about raw onion? Victoria's been known to eat some (not just chew them) every now and again.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Different lovey objects

Before my firstborn, Isabella, became toddler age - I believe she was around 15 months old - she started getting attached to a little stuffed monkey that someone had given her as a gift.


Realizing that the monkey could easily become misplaced or lost, I quickly searched for a replacement. It had to be durable, small, and the fur couldn't fall easily from it. This is what I ended up getting.

In the end, the transference of allegiance wasn't too hard. After a few days, Isabella became fiercely loyal to this dog, which we named Henry, after the first real live dog with whom she fell in love (Manda's dog, Henry).

Isabella sleeps with Henry, Henry has done all kinds of things with her (breastfeed, eat, sit on the potty, drink tea, etc.). We got a second "Henry," just in case.

About a year and a half ago, TY, the makers of this stuffed dog decided to discontinue making this dog. I frantically searched around for more. Other people were trying to sell brand new ones for an eye-gouging $45 or more. I found more at the original company where I purchased the first one, at Barnes & Noble. I purchased the remaining three with tags at the closest store to our apartment.

Once while on a family date, the second Henry we purchased got lost at the mall. Not five minutes after realizing he was gone, I ran back in for him and he was gone. After that, Henry never leaves the house but stays behind to "rest."


When Victoria came along, I wanted to avoid the same problem, if possible.


I honestly didn't know what I was doing. I introduced three dogs to her, that we already had at home. All of these were from Grandma (Karen) at different times.

Here's Bai Gou (pronounced as "bi-go," meaning white dog).

Then there's Christine.

Last, but certainly not least, Aaron.

For awhile, Victoria needed all three in her embrace to go to sleep. That idea seemed to backfire.

Then she grew closer to Aaron, and the other two became insignificant when it came to sleeping time. Unlike Isabella, even then, Victoria was never a die hard loyal devotee to Aaron. She only carried him around to copy her sister. But, it was clear that her dedication wasn't quite like her sister's.

After passing time, she somehow got attached to this little polar bear, Bai Xiong (pronounced "bi-shong," meaning white bear), one of twenty-some animals that came in a set given to the girls by Grandma Karen and Grandpa John for Christmas.

She held Bai Xiong to sleep and he stayed in her grasp for quite awhile into sleep.

Then came this seeming random attachment to this, little tiny basket of apples that came with the toy mansion that I acquired at a garage sale. When she became attached to the apples, she slept with that in her hand over Bai Xiong, though the white bear was still a companion to her play during the day.

For now, the white bear seems to have gone MIA. So, I'm thankful Victoria isn't quite as attached to her stuff as Isabella is to Henry, especially since Victoria's extremely loud and vocal about her wants and desires and she's somewhat spirited (aka strong-willed).

The end.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Can you tell that children live here?

Looking around our house, I've been a bit frustrated with the clutter. Falls somewhere under unclean bathrooms and kitchen. One of my greatest pet peeves is living in a home, my home, with an unclean kitchen or unclean bathrooms. It's not only a lifestyle preference; we're talking about hygiene.

Back to the clutter. Look at this. Enter Exhibit A, from left to right: Isabella's sunglasses, a "car" that my husband made for the girls at The Children's Museum, the girls' butterfly wings, and a tiny toy basket of apples. Corner of the dining room floor.

Enter Exhibit B: A toy mansion, a toy farm house, and a box full of doll toys (the three I picked up at a garage sale), and a box of toy doctor items (stethoscope, syringe, tweezers, etc.). In the living room, by the fire place.

Then Exhibit C. By the above toys, a load full of Mega Blocks.

Enter Exhibit D. To the left of the fireplace. Between the living room and dining area. Some sand toys, an airplane full of toy figures, a carriage full of toys, and a little back pack.

Then Exhibit E. To the left of the above toys. In the corner of the dining room. A purple basket of a mixture of toys, a toy chest full of toys, a Dot (from Anamaniacs) stuffed animal, a heart helium balloon from 4th of July weekend, and a Pampers box lid.

Exhibit F. On the other side of the living room, two birthday hats from Victoria's birthday back in May.

Note that the above photographs aren't evidence of some sort of aftermath. That's AFTER toys have been put away.

Of the two rooms/areas - the living room and dining area - discussed here, here is the cleanest place. The dining room table.

Since I took these photographs a week ago, I've been thinking and have decided that I'd rather live in a house where it's obvious children live than live in a museum. A museum where no one lives or where no one is allowed to have fun.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

A surprise baby shower for Manda and Johnny

The night before last, Tuesday night, a surprise baby shower was thrown for this lovely lady, Manda (that's her daughter, Sydney, in her arms). A warm applause for the preggers lady, please!

Here are the hostess and host - Ashley (sister to Manda) and Mike (Ashley's boyfriend) - of the shin dig. They did such a fine job. Ashley worked hard to beautify and tidy her apartment, make deliciously food, and provide all kinds of finger food. Did I also mention the fantastic child hang out area? And Mike. He definitely impressed. Ash pointed out that the decorations were his doing.

Very nicely done.


Attention to the little boys clothes (oh, I seemed to have forgotten to mention, Manda & John are expecting a boy) hanging above the window . . .

and decorating the table.

Aww, and look what's hanging over the fire place. What a nice touch.

Three generations of the family: Sally (the mom, now better known as Yaya), Manda (expectant mom, firstborn of Sally), Sydney (nearly 22 month old daughter of Manda, grand daughter of Sally, and niece of Ashley), Ashley (second born to Sally)

I really, really need to do something about the broken flash. Couldn't take more photos inside because I didn't have enough light.

Speaking of children, I've got to run; I have an older child with a belly ache (who wants/needs comforting) and one making trouble.