Saturday, May 29, 2010

Trying on different identities early

Developmental theorists, like Erik Erikson, talk about adolescents trying on different identities. Perhaps Isabella's trying and tasting this early. The girls, especially Isabella's having loads of fun doing this stuff.

Our start. Trying a simulated factory like, "construction," conveyor belt.


Then the girls give wheelbarrows a whirl. Warning: difficult to manage one-handed. I was trying to help the younger one out, but I had a camera in one hand. Quite difficult to manipulate and maneuver the thing with just one hand; it lays on the side in protest.

Painting. What an ingenious idea, but that's my opinion. Isabella said she was painting pictures. Like water color, except with just water.

How about being a scientist creating bubbles and smoke? Pretty cool.

More bubbles in the making.

Here's my other munchkin. Do not let this photograph give you the mistaken impression she stayed put and was agreeable. Very busy, this one. Not staying half the time her sister remained at any given station.

The dance studio. Still at the Children's Museum.

Isabella's fascinated by the different surfaces, only some of which hug and cling the letters and shapes she's using.

I just included this photograph, because she only recently started putting the shoes on the correct feet - left foot in the left shoe and the right foot in the right shoe. Hooray.

Playing the receptionist at the VET (still at the Children's Museum).

Now playing the VET. The stethoscope is not longer so scary to her.

Getting a closer examination the ear canal of the dog.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dazed and confused

My husband got seriously ill super quickly. I'm not sure I am ready to blog at length about it. The long short of it is, he got a bad case of Streptococcus Pneumonia and spent four nights and five days in the intensive care unit. Since that time, my mind has been in a fog. Total fog. I've lost track of the days, I've gotten lost on the way to the hospital, I can't remember what bills I mailed and which ones are lost in a sea of paperwork, etc. This morning is the champion of brain farts.

While making a purchase at a store this morning, I saw today's date, May 11th. I went into a sudden panic. I had gotten my younger daughter's birthday all wrong. I kept thinking it is this coming Sunday, but it's today. Oh crap. What's going on? How could I get such an important date? What's wrong with me? Panic, panic, panic.

What seemed like eons later (and what was, in reality, moments later), I realized that I had not missed her birthday. May 11th was Mother's Day two years ago; it was my due date. I had not somehow misremembered Victoria's birthday; her birthday is, in fact, May 16th.

Whew. That brain fart has released its gaseous permeation into the world and the uncomfortableness lingers not.