Friday, March 26, 2010

The wonders of a seemingly simplistic sandwich

Somehow I have two girls who are picky about eating in different ways. And this isn't due to a failure, on my part, to expose them to a variety of things. Trust me.

For instance, Victoria, my younger one, used to eat avocados. Could eat almost an entire one on her own. Now? she won't touch it. However, she is more willing to try new things than my older daughter is.


When grocery shopping, we picked up some sandwich meat for daddy - oven roasted turkey. They both expressed interest in eating that. So, I promised them they could have some if they finished their hot and sour soup served with rice.


As I've said before, I am a woman of my word. Sandwich meat tends to be a bit salty, since it's made to consumed between two pieces of bread; so I split one piece between the two girls. Isabella, the older daughter, was up to trying it between two pieces of bread. Proud of her for trying something new (turkey sandwich meat) in a new way (between two pieces of bread).

Now, if I had lathered the bread with some foreign object, like mayonnaise or ketchup, that would have been a different story. A meltdown or a full blow tantrum would have been highly likely. Anyways, her first sandwich.

Following through

Recently, Friday has become the day I go grocery shopping. And, I am flying solo as an adult. Taking two little monkeys.

Backing up a few steps, yesterday, I was so tired and exhausted, I took several "breaks" to lay down on our bed. And the girls, of course, felt compelled to join me. Any replenishing, peaceful rest was not to be had. It was just that kind of day.

Today, since I had the car to do some shopping and the shopping wasn't/isn't going to get done Saturday or Sunday, I was motivated to get going. Not without eating breakfast, however. My plan was to hit the grocery stores in the morning, before lunch time and before the girls' nap time. Again, not before consuming breakfast. A hearty one. This momma is one cranky mommy without a decent meal, and I don't scrimp on breakfast. Somewhere along the way, I had told the girls if they did their business (#2, if you catch my drift), they could have a bath. I needed to heat up my breakfast on the stove first, which was some version of this. I hadn't expected my older one to do her business on the potty so soon; I told her after I heated up my food, they could take their bath.

In the meantime, I had started laundry; one load was already in the dryer and another was in the washer. Did some dishes. My food was ready to eat and in rolled Isabella. Your food is done heating up, she said in Chinese. Yep. No lie. She wanted her bath. Since I want her to know that I good on my word, I left my lonely food and headed towards the bathroom. Note: at this point I didn't have anything to eat yet for the day, and I was a bit worried about time passing quickly.

Back to the story, Isabella needs to be reinforced with the fact that I follow through with what I say I'll do. Her expecting me to do so is one of many, many indications that she's left toddler-hood in the dust and now she's a big preschool age child.

When I started the bath, trouble rocked in the Changley household. Remember me telling you about doing laundry? That took all the hot water we had. We live in a house built in 1961, where the water heater has NEVER been replaced. The girls were not about to hear anything about postponing their bath. Not deterred whatsoever. Even with room temperature (or slightly colder) water.

So, in the bath they went. And, I went to heat up water the old fashion way. Sort of. Not by stove but heating it up using this little handy thing that I borrowed permanently from my parents some time ago.

This thing has multiple uses: heating up water for baths or heating up water to make tea (which I have been drinking everyday for the last 7 days I've been sick).


I'm exhausted and I'm going to bed. 4 loads of laundry, done. Grocery shopping at two stores with the girls in tow, done. Groceries put away, done. 2 family sizes chicken breast cut, placed in smaller bags, and put in the freezer; check. Go through the bed time routine with the girls, check. Cooked a huge pot of hot and sour soup right before bed time, check. Hop into bed; getting to that.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

22 glorious months with Victoria

Victoria, Victoria, Victoria. She was born 22 months ago today.

Not lacking for personality, spunk, and energy this one. Loves to adventure and explore but also enjoys companionship.

This one should be in the performing arts somehow - whether dancer, actor, musician or the like. She is quite good at expressing with her body and voice.

This is my other little darling, Isabella. Together, the pair of them makes for an interesting combination. Isabella's at the age where she doesn't always tell it like it happens. I wouldn't call what she does lying, since "lying" is a loaded term in the adult world, and she's merely a preschool age child who's seeing how the world works. Add to that the fact that Isabella isn't always the one who is taking advantage of her sister. I have seen Victoria, on multiple occasions, doing stuff to Isabella, taking stuff from her, pushing her, etc. So, we have a super complicated situation when something happens and no adult witnessed it. I've learned to grow eyes in the back of my head, even with my other non-stop responsibilities - cooking, cleaning, dish washing, doing laundry, etc.

See what I mean when I say that Victoria's full of expression?

I must confess that weaning Victoria (as was the case with weaning Isabella) has been so very hard. I don't have any pressing need - such as being pregnant - to wean her*. I want to give my body some rest. I have either been pregnant or nursing since December 2005, without a break. I've been nursing her twice a day now, when she first wakes in the morning and after her nap time. She skipped the after-nap-nursing session without a full-on protest. Why am I sad? I suppose one reason is neither one of my girls have had an ear infection up to this point and they seem to recover from sickness pretty quickly. Another reason is I have appreciated the intimacy breastfeeding brings. It helps that though Victoria enjoys being active and busy, she loves to nurse.

For fun, I'll end this post with this. Victoria loves for me to twirl her. Not just dancing around. Twirling her like a baton. Hard on my biceps and forearms. But brings indescribable joy to hear her squeal and scream with delight.


* I am not claiming that a person cannot nurse while pregnant. In my case, I didn't want to tandem nurse. So, I weaned Isabella in the second trimester of my pregnancy.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

A not so happy, 'happy visit,' to the dentist

For weeks now, Isabella's been asking, asking, and asking to see the dentist. She's been reading this book I got for her whilst living in Texas (great bargain at the Scholastic warehouse, by the way) - Mercer Mayer's Just Going to the Dentist.

Though she's been looking at that book for a few months, along with other books, suddenly, 2-3 weeks ago, she said she wanted me to take her to the dentist. Today was the earliest day that would work according to our schedule and the dentist's schedule.

Troy hoofed it to work, and I drove the girls to the dentist's office. Arrived at the building and everything was a-okay. Went up the elevator; still good. Walked into the reception area of the dentist's office, and it looked like things would be smooth sailing.

Not so much. The gal that would conduct the 'happy visit' wanted to take Isabella, without me, thinking it would run much smoother. Are you kidding me? Did she understand that Isabella freaked out, when barely a toddler, and Troy whipped out a toy light saber at the store? Does this woman know that at a Japanese restaurant with a chef firing up and preparing for teppanyaki cooking, an even younger Isabella totally freaked? How about, for the longest time, the sound of a vacuum cleaner? A little hand-held back massager? How about a coffee grinder? Had to explain to Isabella, before opening any kitchen cabinets, that we weren't pulling out any machines.

We were good until the gal asked Isabella to sit on the dentist's chair and it was all down hill from there. Isabella pulled out her pout-y lip, and it was there to stay until we left. She became very quiet (seemingly shy) and clingy until we left. This is how Isabella looked when we first got to the car, and this was loads better than at the dentist's office.


But she became her talkative self once we were more situated in the car. She also examined the bag of goodies she was given - toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, mask, gloves. Below was her donning the mask and gloves, taken at Babies R Us, when I decided to pick up one more toy chest.

The toy chest was an extra 30% off the clearance price, and I had a 20% off coupon to use on top of that. This time, however, only the floor model was left. Turns out that they're not discontinuing the item. The company that used to manufacture the toy chest was bought out by someone else; so, the new company wanted their branding on the product. Didn't use any gift cards this time and got a floor model, but I still think we got a pretty decent deal. This one lives in our bedroom.

To return to the dentist thing, one last comment, Isabella didn't enjoy her first visit at the dentist. Little does she know I was strapped to a chair with my first dentist visit, at a pediatric dentist's office of all places. Also, she has no idea I'm returning there to have a filling replaced with a crown. How I dread that visit. Anxiety fills me just thinking about it. Also can't stand the smell of burning bone (the dentist has to shave my tooth all the way around to make room for the crown, for those of you who are blessed with having no prior, personal crown experience). What Isabella doesn't know at this point is great. What's worse? Getting a crown AND a root canal when 38 weeks pregnant; yep.

Addendum: It's now 7:37 pm, and Isabella's talking about how she likes the dentist. Translation: she likes the latex gloves she got from the dentist's office.