Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What does "t" "h" "e" spell?

Tonight, while all of us were in Isabella's room while Troy was reading "The Cat in the Hat," Isabella wanted to hear certain stories, but she could sit still for them. Troy asked her, "What does "t-h-e" spell?" No surprise, Isabella said nothing, even though she knew what to say; her mind was on "La la" and what noises and lights she could elicit from La la's belly. What was a surprise was that a voice coming from the littler one sitting on my lap clearly and loudly said "the." Troy didn't catch her saying that, so I said the letters one at a time, and Victoria responded "the." She did this multiple times, our 14 month old did. Yes, yes, I know at such a tender age, she isn't even close to grasping the concept of "the," but I was simply delighting her recalling what goes with what and the fact that she tries to copying much of what we say. She soaks everything up and regurgitates it for us. What fun.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

one with the potty and one who's 13 months old

I guess people check my blogs more than I had realized and thirst foherer new postings. All right, all right, it's not about me. Everyone wants to see our cuties. I have no biases whatsoever.

One of my good friends gave me a hard time for not posting anything for quite awhile. She said something to the effect of, "are you just not taking pictures anymore because your flash is broken?" What? A broken flash stop me from taking pictures? A photographer can't be stopped. Speaking of my photography interests/hobby, I took photographs for Denver Seminary's Doctor of Ministry (DMin) program, one of which made the cover of their catalog. Check it out here; the credit for my work is on the last page of the catalog.

Anyhoo, here's a proud Isabella sitting on her potty and reading her Big Girl Potty book.

Getting decent pictures of the girls, broken flash aside, can be rather challenging. See? Victoria's still very much a mommy's girl, always wanting to be in my lap, my arms, or nursing.


As much as I'd love to continue telling you stories, the internet at Starbucks is making me mad, it's so slow and cumbersome. I need to work on my Biblical Interpretation paper anyways. Ta ta.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Calling until the cows come home

On this day, we went to the Littleton Historic Museum. They keep two farms dating the late 1800's. On this occasion, we visited a calf that was no more than three weeks old. Apparently we're bad at observing instructions. There are instructions not to feed or pet the animals. Um, oops.


Thank goodness momma cow was nice to us, even though we were obviously very curious about her little calf.

The employees at the Littleton Historic Museum said that the calf is still too young to eat grass, so she relies heavily upon her mom's milk. I could digress here, but I won't.

One of my pet peeves concerning photography: when someone is nice enough to take a family picture for us, why can't they fill the frame?! It has happened every single time in the last half a year or more. Seriously, I am very appreciative that an older gentleman volunteered to take a picture of us. I just want a better shot of us.

Isabella's love of cats is at least equal to that of dogs these days. In fact, though she was being gentle with this cat, eventually it got annoyed at Isabella for all the petting and hissed. Uh oh.


You'd never be able to tell by the look of Victoria that she is quite the screamer, when she's mad (for someone taking what she wanted, being hungry, being tired, etc.).

Reading to her precious one

This photograph was taken off focus on purpose. Okay maybe not. My flash was and is still kaput. So, I had to work with the little natural lighting available.

Isabella was reading to Henry one of the many stories we've read to her. So glad she's emulating the better parts we've presented to her. What a sweet heart. What else has Henry done, in the care of Isabella? Let's see: sitting on the potty, eating "table foods" (pretend playing), nursing, sleeping, amongst other things.


When backups become absolutely necessary and the story of Henry

The little stuffed dog Isabella's holding so closely, whom she calls Henry (named after the dog she first loved - Manda's Henry), was an intentional replacement for a stuffed monkey she was growing increasingly fond of day by day. The monkey was a gift and I had no idea where to purchase another should she lose it. So, I went in search of a surrogate that she could grow to love. For a few days, the monkey disappeared and all there was was the dog; and once I saw that she was loving the dog, I brought the monkey back. Success! She preferred Henry.

At some point, when it became clear that Isabella and Henry were attached at the hip, not just during nap and bedtimes, but during important "play" activities, like pretend eating, changing diapers, etc., I purchased a backup. I've got to say, Isabella has figured out that the "same dog" really isn't the same at all. When Isabella first had Henry, she would bite its nose so frequently it reeked BIG time. Touch its nose, and its odor was left on the fingers; disgusting. Fast forward half a year forward.

I found out that the TY Puppers was being discontinued; the company was no longer producing it. What?! Started scrambling. Looked online and they were selling for about $9.99, even on Ebay. Doesn't sound bad, right? Well that's compared to the $6.99 I purchased it for, brand new. So, I looked online at Barnes & Noble, where the original Henry was purchased. Score! They had four more in store. I ran to that nearest location, purchased three, and put them into hiding. I figure if I never needed to pull them out, I could eventually sell them.

Well, a few months ago, Henry somehow got lost at a mall. I scrambled back to the location where we were last, and it was too late. He probably got dropped into one of those kiddy push cars. Dangit. Yes, yes, that is what backup is for, but after that and after we introduced a replacement, she started calling all dogs (whether real or stuffed), "Henry." Anyways, you can do the math. We still have some backups, but she knows when we switch them. So, we try to keep Henry from going out with her. He has to stay home and rest or take a nap. Apparently sometimes we lose this game, as can be seen in the picture below.