Friday, March 27, 2009

Eminating cuteness

Isabella really is a darling, only she's testing her boundaries and asserting her autonomy these days. She sometimes gives Victoria grief by laying on top of her or pushing her down when she's in a sitting position or takes a toy out of her hands. Isabella's learning to look out for Victoria and to treat her more gently. Not the easiest for a two year old who is naturally a bit more narcissistic. Because Isabella seems so mature, oftentimes I find myself struggling to remember she is only TWO, not ten or twelve years old.



Monday, March 16, 2009

Where has TEN months gone?

Wow, Victoria is only two months away from celebrating her first birthday!

They say that babies from the same womb can have completely different personalities. I am beginning to see how this is the case. I think Isabella's pretty social, but Victoria is in a class of her own. Her facial expressions are priceless and countless. And when she's mad, man oh man, her voice will be heard regardless of the distance.

She's also adventurous and curious, yet a bit cautious, when she wants to be (or a dare devil).

Mostly, she's sweetness that totally melts my heart. I remember thinking and wondering, when I was pregnant with Victoria, how I was going to love some other child when I love Isabella so much already. I see how it's possible. It's not competing love, but someone our hearts accommodate and love even more.

Aren't you in love with her, too? I am totally beside myself.

The picture below is evidence that I can finally see how she resembles me a bit. When she was first born, had I not seen her immediately, I would not believed she was my flesh and blood. Seriously. When Isabella was a newborn, she looked like a carbon copy of me as a newborn. Victoria? No clue.

Happy 10 month, Victoria.

Couldn't this pass for a picture of Isabella from the backside (from when she was younger)?

All the fun things to do besides sleep during nap time


I remember the days of being resistant to naps. In preschool, after lunch, we had to lay down for an hour, even if we didn't want to sleep. More often than not, I would end up sleeping for a little bit and I am sure the rest did me well.

Know how crucial sleep is to a growing babe, I am very, very insistent about bed times. Isabella actually has to be laying down to keep Henry (and her other furry friends) and to keep her door open. She's apparently been doing some sort of entertaining.

Nursing Henry


For the first 6.5 months of Victoria's life, her exclusive food source was me. No bottle, EVER. Even now, she's having baby food and some table foods, but I am still her milk source. Here's the evidence. My little watcher and copycat, Isabella, is feeding Henry, and she's using the baby blanket as a nursing cover.

A home full of sweetness

Victoria and Isabella are both very agile. Didn't know that all babies or baby girls aren't necessarily like this. I'm guessing I was pretty flexible as a baby, too, since I don't think Troy was particularly flexible as a baby.



Preparing for the big things in life

We keep thinking that Victoria will choose to walk sooner. I won't pick on Isabella but will draw attention to myself instead. My dad tells the story that I chose not to walk until I was two years old; I had the physical strength and coordination to walk before then, but I was very careful and afraid to fall.

Victoria? Not so much. In fact, less than a week ago, I had already put Isabella down for a nap, and by my calculations, Victoria was due for a nap, too. I breathed a sigh of relief, because I was drop dead tired. Victoria was in the Pack 'n Play. I saw her get into a kneeling position, and not even a second later, she fell backwards. She laid stunned for what must have been half a minute to a minute.

That time period seemed endless to me, because she literally didn't move a muscle. Did she hurt her head or neck falling backwards like that? Did she hit her head on something besides the side of the Pack 'n Play?! She did roll over on to her tummy. Soon enough, she got herself into a kneeling position and fell back again. Huh, less likely to believe she's having a balancing problem. She did this over and over again. By the four or so time, even though I was worried about her safety, I could help cackling in laughter. And? She laughed after I started laughing.

Silly, silly, bold and daring Victoria.



So far, Victoria's doing what Isabella did, lots of army crawling. But, Saturday, she did a little bit of the traditional crawl. Don't see why she'd stay with the traditional crawl, seeing that she moves a lot faster with the army crawl.

Oh, and by the way, her daddy dressed her in the outfit she's sporting in these pictures. Always interesting seeing what sort of clothing Troy picks out when he dresses either of the girls. . .

Monday, March 02, 2009

First taste of yogurt

Yogurt contains a lot less cow hormones than cow's milk does, and it's supposed to be a lot easier on the stomach. A baby can't have cow's milk until 12 months. But, I gave Victoria a sample of my vanilla yogurt, at 9 months plus. She LOVED it. Would have consumed more. However, given my history of severe milk allergies, I decided to back off and wait until she's older. The pediatrician also confirmed that waiting might be a good idea, given the severity of my allergies.


She went in for her 9 month wellness check this past Saturday. She's grown two inches and how is 27.5 inches long. The doc encouraged us to feed her table food, mashed up of course. He said that baby food jar food tends to be mostly water and very little substance. He mentioned high calorie good foods, such as avocado. So, we tried avocado with Victoria yesterday. Jury is still out as to whether she likes it or not.

Other news? Victoria has one tooth already coming in on the bottom and a second one making its way through (also on the bottom). I'm now feeding her three meals a day, in addition to giving her breastmilk. Around breakfast time, lunch time, and dinner time, after I nurse her, I feed her vegetables and Cheerios. This girl has quite an appetite lately.

She's still practicing rocking her body back and forth. She can sit on her own for longer periods of time, although if she doesn't have anything in her hands occupying her attention, she holds on to her pants to keep her steady. Very proficient at army crawling to get her places. . .

I'm also getting her acquainted with sippy cups. To encourage her to suck on them, I remove any spill-proof devices so that water will drizzle out of the spout, even if she isn't sucking on it. She'll drink from the sippy cups from time to time.

Keeping company with three babies two and under

This past Thursday, February 26, I had the joy of watching Oliver for three and a half hours or so. Christina has gone back to teach, and during this time, Jason had classes to attend at Denver Seminary. Christina was diagnosed with High Impact Lymphoma (cancer) when she was only 26, when a 8 x 10 mass was found near her heart, causing excruciating shoulder pain. When Oliver was about 7 months old, she started her chemotherapy, and, as a result had to stop breastfeeding him.

At the time, we barely knew the family from church; oftentimes they'd sit behind us or in front of us at church. After receiving a church e-mail about providing meals for the family, I approached Christina after church and asked her what else she really wanted. Breast milk for her son. That she had cancer at such a young age and that she wanted something for her son that I could provide, well, I jumped on the bandwagon. I didn't promise anything like providing all of his meals, but I told her I would pump as I could. That was towards the end of October.

It's been over 4 months and I'm still providing Oliver with some breast milk every week. Granted it's not much. I pump once a day, in the morning, after I've fed Victoria. Sometimes it's only 2 ounces; sometimes it's up to 5.5 ounces. All depends on how much the girl eats. Oliver consumes 6-8 ounces at each feeding, so I'm really not helping all that much.

All this is to say that Oliver is special to me. . . I've been telling Christina that I'd take her son's 9 month pictures. That came and went. Then we talked about me taking her 10 month pictures. Well, when he was in my care, I took the opportunity to take plenty of snapshots of him . . . at roughly 10.5 mos.

Winning shot? I think so. It's also on my photography website: There's a guestbook you're more than welcome to sign, and you can also comment on individual photographs, too. If you're using internet explorer, the slide show doesn't always come up, as it is supposed to on the homepage. There aren't any problems with the firefox browser.

Never a dull moment with a two year old, a ten month old, and a nine month old.

Isabella badly wanted to watch the Ernie and Bert movie that Grandma (Karen Nunley) gave her, so the three of them are sort of, kind of watching here.

Oliver's super mobile. He does the traditional crawl pretty proficiently, and he's already pulling himself up on furniture.

eating up Cheerios

Victoria's finally taken a liking to Cheerios. What else? She can eat them on her own. Well, sort of. Most of the time, she'll wad them up in her fist but then can't figure out how to get them inside her mouth.