Sunday, November 30, 2008

Rolling to get places

These days, Victoria loves grabbing on to anything and everything, and she rolls to get places. I mean, she gets places quickly by rolling. I wonder whether she'll be one of those babies that skips crawling altogether because she can get where she wants to go by rolling. Kind of funny, though. For some reason, she prefers to roll in one direction (even though I've seen her roll on both sides) and sometimes she'll get mad because she's stuck somewhere.


Monday, November 24, 2008

Drinking plenty of water as a natural enema

Folks I'm not talking about drinking a toxic amount of water. Perhaps I'm the slow person on the bus (wouldn't be the first time), but I've realized in the last few months that drinking lots of water is a natural form of enema. I don't mean to be totally disgusting talking about such matters, but this could be helpful information to you.

When I was induced with my first born, the nurses did an enema with me. That was not medically necessary, and that was nothing remotely close to fun. When I saw the bag of fluids they were going to flush up my anus, I was flabbergasted. Can that much fluid be flushed into a person that way? Often times, yes, I was told.

Well, not me. Tried, tried, tried. That wasn't even the worst part. I knew the purpose of an enema was to clean out my bowels, but I had no idea what the process was going to be like. Wow, for the next thirty to forty minutes, I frequently had to RUN to the bathroom. Felt like I had the runs until my bowels were completely empty. I know, disgusting. I assure you it was much worse than my description.

Anyways, when drinking plenty of water (like um, H2O, not soft drinks or juices), the body is better able to do the same trick, without the invasive process. It is a bit inconvenient, because you have to go pee a lot more frequently when you're drinking more. But, the upshot is that you clean out your bowels and rid your body of some impurities.

Um, can anyone help? Cleanup on aisle 9 please.

I already started the clearing, sorting, and decluttering process before I ran across Manda's blog posting, Maternity for Eternity, but I am in a lot of trouble. I've got Newborn, 0-3 months, and 3-6 months clothes in the girls' dresser. All those have to go. I am not exactly sure what to do with them. Some are still almost new, some are a little worn, and some are more worn. When I was first doing this with Isabella's clothes, it was easy. Packed everything away in vacuum sealed bags for potentially another girl somewhere down the road. Not so easy this time. Are we still going to try for kids? Don't know. Which clothes are worth keeping? Which clothes should I attempt to sell? Which clothes should I donate? I don't have Manda's option of leaving it curbside for someone to claim. I'm not even half organized with the girls' clothes that are out. YIKES!

I've got stacks of stuff here and there. The mess is starting to drive me absolutely nuts. The girls' closet is in dire need of organization. The final five boxes that were never unpacked from our move to Denver are still packed. No pictures are up in the girls' room, yet.

I badly want to get organized. I'm not used to being so unorganized. And, I still want to get rid of stuff. When I last said that to Troy in Texas, his eyes got really big and he got really defensive. Now that he understands getting rid of stuff isn't necessarily equal to getting rid of HIS stuff, he isn't so hostile to the idea. . .

I've gotten no where in this posting other than rambling and complaining, so bye.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Her voice abounds

It's as if overnight Victoria got super excited about talking and off she went. She was saying an occasional ma-ma-ma-ma. But now, she doesn't want to stop. We were trying to go to sleep, and she just kept chattering away. Oh, and, she likes to wake me up early in the morning by talking, too. Love that she enjoys using her vocal chords; I'm hoping she'll sleep a little later, though.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Victoria's first taste of rice cereal

Victoria had her first taste of rice cereal. I must say, she took to the spoon and the cereal like a CHAMP! Didn't do much of sticking out her tongue and pushing the cereal back out, much to my surprise. Guess she was ready!



Sunday, November 16, 2008

Victoria is 6 months old today

Victoria is 6 months old today. Time is a flyin away and our littlest one is getting bigger by the day.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A sleeping beauty

Ever catch yourself just admiring a sleeping beauty, when there's so much to be done? Yup, me, too.


Saturday, November 08, 2008

Stopping a leaky faucet

WARNING: This is yet another TMI posting, so continue reading at your own risk.

This morning, I woke up just after 7 AM, for good. Both girls and my husband were still sound asleep. Knowing that I had some peace and quiet, I read a Parenting magazine while I took care of some business. Can't recall what had made me laugh, but I was pleasantly amused.

This is a safe point to stop if you want to avoid TMI.

Somewhere in that time, I must have thought of Victoria, because all of the sudden, I noticed that my left breast was leaking. Fantastic.

Oftentimes, new parents complain about meeting the baby's needs all the time: feeding the baby, changing the baby, burping the baby, entertaining the baby. I have to say this. This morning, I used Victoria to meet one of my needs. The milk truck or the leaky faucet needed to be fixed, and she could fix my problem rather quickly. I looked at the sound asleep baby, contemplating whether to wake her.

My options? Leave her asleep and risk engorgement and making a sugary sticky mess all over the place, or wake her early even if it means interrupting an otherwise longer sleep. Wake her, wake her! At least that was the option I chose this morning. She nursed until she drained me, for the most part. Yippee. Problem solved.

I had better end this post, before these girls (not referring to my children, by the way) get excited and get any other ideas. . .

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Making soup

I woke up on the wrong side of bed and things just haven't been peachy so far, but I am determined, DETERMINED to make this a wonderfully fabulous, spicy, exciting day.

I shall start this adventure with some humor. Those who are gifted in creating images in their minds may want to refrain from reading further. . .

Still here? Don't say I didn't warn you.

Isabella's tummy started feeling badly yesterday, and I think we've climaxed today. Put her in a cloth diaper this morning, and wow, probably wasn't such a good idea. Changed her diaper as soon as I heard the explosion. Not pretty, not pretty. Wanted to throw up, just thinking about it.

Decided to put Isabella in disposables until her stomach issues got better. Darling Troy changed the next diaper after what sounded like a nice big wet fart. I heard Troy say to Isabella back in the bedroom (I was in the dining room) as he was changing her diaper that she made some soup. I'm cracking up as I am typing this at Starbucks. That's right, Isabella made soup in her diaper. Somebody help me; I can't stop laughing. Oh my goodness, my insides hurt.

For clarification purposes, I am not laughing at someone else's gastrointestinal issues. Not at all. My husband's creative descriptions tickle me pink. I'm putting that right next to his description of Victoria, when I've been gone for long periods of time, as "an inconsolable mess."

Monday, November 03, 2008

The girls, just doing their thing

Victoria and Isabella. These girls are so cute.