Thursday, October 30, 2008

Warming back up to the potty


For some time now, Isabella has refused to do anything with regard to the potty. A resounding "NO!!!!!!!!!!" Finally got her to agree to sit on the potty. At least that is some interest in the potty. Better than none. I don't get it. She loves to look through her potty book everyday, and she's still interested in Elmo's Potty Time. On Isabella's own time. On her own time . . .

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Completing the turn - going from back to belly

Victoria has been able to flip from stomach to back for some time now, but this morning, I witness her flipping from back to stomach. Yay! Flipping from back to stomach is considerably harder than stomach to back, so it can take awhile before babies master that feat. So exciting.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bum cuteness


Making a seat out of most everything

I wasn't aware the world is so full of so many "chairs" until I had Isabella. I was doing some work, and when I turned around, she had emptied her egg crate of toys and sat down inside! She loves to sit on everything and climb everything.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Isabella is 25 months old today

I don't know why some people could in months after babies pass the 24 months marker, but we happened to be out, enjoying the great outdoors, and taking pictures. So here we are.

Isabella is 25 months old today - Sun., October 19, 2008.

She had been sitting for most of the time, and she was elated to be walking around the pumpkin patch. She wasn't thrilled about being stationery, strapped to daddy's back, while in the corn maze. But honestly, her getting lost there would have been super bad.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Visit with a doctor

Last night, Troy was a wonderful husband helping a wife who was screaming out of intolerant muscular pain. By searching the internet, he found a doctor for me to see. Unfortunately, the doc wouldn't see me until this morning. So, I spent a night getting very little sleep and feeling excruciating pain no matter what position I was in (on my back or on my side).

This has been the third or fourth repeat injury to my upper to mid back, particularly on the right side of my body, since we moved to Denver. And, it usually happens following my carrying Victoria in the Ergo for a prolonged period of time. It doesn't happen every time I carry Victoria in the front, in the Ergo. I use the Ergo to carry her two to four times a week. I think the injury has been stressed induced; every time I'm emotionally distressed, this sort of this seems to happen. Another physical sign of emotional distress? Two blood vessels have burst in my left eye in the last five to seven weeks.

Anyways, I prayed last night and this morning that the doctor would do something to help me. I felt like I was going to die. Drama, drama. Seriously, this was not the sort of pain I could continue enduring for another day. Worst fear? He wouldn't do anything to help me.

Troy and the girls accompanied me to the doctor's office, for a 7:45 AM visit. Wow, my family really loves me.

Turns out, he's an Doctor of Osteopathy (DO). In the US, a DO is a doctor who has received traditional medicine but who is also licensed to practice osteopathy. He did some adjustments that hurt during the process, but when he finished, I could at least lie on my back without being in writhing pain. More good news? I can take Ibuprofin while breastfeeding. YAY! Also, he gave me three exercises to work on everyday to strengthen my upper back and rhomboid muscles: military presses with neck tilt, bench press in conjunction with pelvis tilt, and some dumbbell rhomboid exercise. He believes that since I am young (that was really flattering, considering I don't feel that young) recovery shouldn't take more than a couple of weeks.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Victoria is 5 months old today!

I cannot believe Victoria's 5 months old today. Where, oh where, does the time go?


These days, Victoria laughs at many different things: if she's tickled, when I make faces, when I make weird sounds.

This little girl, to this day, has never had a bottle of anything, formula or breastmilk. She's only had mother's milk, directly from the source. Was not necessarily planned that way. The breastmilk part, yes.

Victoria still loves her big sister, seemingly even when Isabella trounces on her. Well, Isabella thinks she is simply copying her mommy.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Mastering the spoon

I've been working with Isabella on learning to use a spoon for awhile now. Every time I feed her a meal, she announces that she wants to eat "by herself." That usually involves me helping her put stuff on her spoon and sometimes assisting her in getting the food to her mouth without spilling it entirely. Today, however, she took 6 to 10 bites entirely on her own! The twofold accomplishment included getting the food on her spoon and directing the contents into her mouth. Go Booby-butt!

She's picked up my habit of putting whatever has fallen on her table back into the bowl.


Saturday, October 04, 2008

Isabella, the Ergo, and Henry

Did I mention that Isabella likes to do everything that I do?