Monday, April 28, 2008

She pooped in the tub for the first time

I know that babies or children pooping while taking a bath isn't anything new, but this is the first time Isabella has done it. Today was also likely the longest bath she's ever had in her life. After I washed her hair, I let my friend Marilyn take over so I could "rest." Ha! Rest?! I actually took care of a bunch of little household stuff and started to eat some food. When I saw her get really still and her face get really serious, I knew what was happening. Crap, literally.

She still bathes in the infant tub. It's safe, and she doesn't mind the tub. I poured the contents into the toilet, after I cleaned her up. Rinsed out the infant tub. Waited until Troy came home with a bottle of vinegar to clean and disinfect the tub. The vinegar didn't completely take the stain out. Oh well. At least it's clean.

Am not going to let her take super long baths, at least not for awhile. She may feel differently.

I'm 38 weeks pregnant, now

Delivering anywhere from 38 to 40 weeks counts as full-term. Changley baby #2 could come any time now.

My most recent obstetric appointment was this past Friday. Had what is probably my last sonogram. Troy saw the little one, too. That was the most unclear sonogram I've seen of either of our children. Had much trouble making out any features, such as eyes or ears on the face. The sonographer only gave us one picture, confirming the gender. Great. We've had the gender confirmed on multiple occasions, including a sonogram done by a fetal maternal medicine specialist.

Anyways, here's some of the stats. from the vaginal check, which, by the way, was VERY uncomfortable and unpleasant:
  • 30-40% effaced.
  • 1.5 cm dialated.
  • station: -3.
These stats. may not seem very exciting to people. But, given what was occurring or what was not occurring when I was pregnant with Isabella, I'm pretty excited. When I was 40 weeks and even when I was induced (at 40 weeks and 5 days), I was not effaced at all. Effacement has to do with the thickness of uterine lining. The uterine lining needs to be pretty thin, at 100%, to be ready for delivery. I wasn't dialated either. Took much induction efforts for me to start dialating. The -3 station indicates that the baby is still pretty high. When the baby is ready to crown, I think the station is supposed to be around +2 or +3 or something like that. But, Dr. Daley said that with the second child, oftentimes the baby won't engage (meaning head in the pelvis) until actual labor starts.

Long story short, my body is starting to prepare for delivery. Yay! Am I ready for this one to come join the world? Not yet. . . But, for a healthy VBAC, we don't want to wait too long. Plus, induction is out of the question. So, come baby, come join us. You can do it.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Warning, TMI. Read at your own risk.

So, I think my body's been producing colostrum now, for a little while. Exactly how long, I'm not sure. When my body switched from milk to colostrum, I am not sure. Even though I stopped nursing Isabella when she was 15 months old, around four months ago, my body hasn't entirely stopped milk production.

Anyways, I was working on making business cards for possible breastfeeding bracelet sales when I noticed that the right side of my belly felt a tad damp. I wasn't imagining things. I was dripping colostrum. Why do I think it's colostrum and not milk? It's a bit thicker.

All right, no more details. Like I told you, TMI. But, this is a note for myself, too. Good night.c

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My upper legs are starting to go numb

Great, either the baby has dropped, or she's laying on something that's causing part of my quads to go numb. Whether sitting or standing, since at least yesterday, I've noticed that sometimes my quads go a bit numb.

On multiple occasions, standing for moments at a time

One of Isabella's favorite activities today included grabbing a hold of me while I was sitting on the floor and she was standing. She'd stand upright for a few moments and then lean forward on to me. She did this over and over again, smiling. She got plenty of encouragement from me. She stood on her own two feet, unsupported. Yay!

The in utero movements that never stop

The baby in my belly moves a lot still, even though her space must be pretty limited now. I don't know if she's doing shoulder turns, arm movements, twitches, or what, but she's always doing something.

This little one moves A LOT more than Isabella did when she was in utero, and I thought Isabella moved plenty. Any time Troy puts his hand on my belly, he'll feel some kind of movement, and oftentimes a person can see the movement by looking at my belly.

I wonder if this means that we're going to have a hyper, constantly-on-the-move baby. We shall see in a few short weeks, I guess.

Itsy Bitsy Spider


A couple of weekends ago (Sat., April 12), the Bivens were over for dinner, and Maritza taught Isabella the song, "The Itsy Bitsy Spider," along with the hand motions. That was her first exposure to the song. Maritza and the rest of us must have sang it to her at least three times.

From that time on, Isabella as on and off, started the hand motions (the Itsy Bitsy Spider part) and she utters, "Bitsy Spi." It's soooo cute! When she does that, I sing the song for her and do the hand motions.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Isabella is 19 months old

I can't believe our little one is growing up so fast. She's 19 months old now (as of the 19th, which, I guess, was technically yesterday). And she's going to be an older sister very, very soon.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"More music"

Our little darling asks for more on a number of things, ranging from strawberries to walking to music. Just a moment ago, still in her crib for a nap, I heard her say "more music" in Chinese. The C.D. had stopped playing for perhaps a few minutes.

More music it is! So far she seems to have drifted back to sleep. Yay. A bit more time for me. Will attempt to be somewhat productive by working on church stuff.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

When I haven't had enough water to drink . . .

I don't think I ever have to worry about reaching the point of dehydration. Why? So many consequences SCREAM at me when I haven't had enough water to drink:
  • my mouth is super dry.
  • Charlie Horses.
  • headaches.
  • cramp-like pains? This evening, not too long after I took my iron supplement for the night, I started feeling cramp-like pains. I hadn't consumed that much water. I was pretty sure these cramps weren't the real contractions, given my belly wasn't all that tight. And, once I consumed noticeably more water, the pain wasn't so great.
Any one of those consequences is sufficient to keep me on my toes in staying hydrated. Trust me.

Taking iron supplements

Since the office of my former obstetrician was giving me much trouble to get results from my gestational diabetes blood test from awhile back, I got the blood drawn again for the test, even though I didn't test positive for gestational diabetes the first time. At my most recent visit with Dr. Hearther Daley, she said that I don't have gestational diabetes. However, I am a tad anemic. So, she put me on iron supplements. Great. So exciting. I've heard a number of friends experience constipation as a result of taking iron supplements. . .

So far, not any pronounced problems with the iron supplements. I take my prenatal vitamins and iron supplements at different times of the day, though, since each of them makes me extremely thirsty. I take the prenatal vitamin in the morning, after breakfast; and I take the iron supplement at night. This strategy, I think, helps in preventing constipation (I'm sure taking in a diet that is decent in fiber intake helps) and avoiding Charlie Horses.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Changley Baby #2 is due a month from today!

How quickly time flies, I think. Changley baby #2 is due a month from today. That's right, my due date falls on this coming Mother's Day.

Plenty of drama to make this hormonal mommy absolutely miserable this week. This may be a bit depressing or pathetic to some of you readers out there, depending on your attitude. So, you may not want to read any further in this post.

Some of you may know that I'm been dealing with anxiety off and on, since my pregnancy with Isabella, our firstborn. Well, this week's events haven't helped at all. First of all, it's just been a bit of a rough week. Sleeping comfortably at night doesn't come easily, if at all these days. In fact, at the moment I'm super exhausted and desperately want to sleep. But, oftentimes, these days, when I lay down on my side, doesn't matter which side, the baby decides to put up a protest. That's my interpretation anyways. She moves and moves and moves. Not that I have a problem altogether with her moving. That indicates that she's alive and moving (and has an opinion about matters). But, the constant moving and tickling and fidgeting keeps me awake. Then I'm up all the time, to drink water and to go to the bathroom.

Pregnancy by itself has given me this seemingly unquenchable thirst. Adding prenatal vitamins, prenatal vitamins, and iron supplements (I'll get to the iron supplements in a moment) to the mix, and my thirst has at least doubled. It'd be easier if someone simply hook water up to me intravenously, I need so much. My allergies are getting worse these days. And though I am tempted to take Benadryl, I'm quite hesitant about it, since it would make me even more thirsty.

Back to the topic, I don't get quality - deep REM - sleep until the week hours of morning. And well, my hours of deep sleep are too few.

Yesterday, I took Isabella to see a specialist, a pediatric neurologist, to make sure there's nothing wrong with her, since she's still not walking on her own yet. Quite frankly, neither Troy nor I are worried, especially since both Troy and I have big heads and, furthermore, I didn't start walking on my own until I was two. I kept the appointment, not for us and not for her pediatrician, but for someone else's peace of mind. In the end, to be quite honest, it was a waste of time, effort, and money.

Her appointment with the pediatric neurologist was at 10:15 AM. Three total trips to that office and many hours later, at 5:45 PM, she finally got seen by him. He had a superb bedside manner. He was also very patient and thorough in explanations. He's going to give her another three months to see if she'll walk on her own (which he's pretty confident she will) before he wants to do an MRI to see whether she has something besides genetics at play. She's not showing any warning signs that something's wrong and she isn't showing global developmental delays. Furthermore, he said that the fact that both Troy and I have large heads (he did actually measure my head and commented that percentage-wise, my head is rather large), genetically Isabella's predisposed to have a large head and that can and has lead to physical developmental delays, such as walking.

Well, while I was trying to kill time, I purchased diapers at Sam's and sampled some of their food. While I bit into some breaded chicken breast, I felt and heard several distinct crunches. Uh oh. thought I had displaced a filling towards the back on my upper right mouth. Wasn't too thrilled about that prospect. That tooth wasn't sensitive as a result of that incident, but it was obvious something had changed. Called the dentist's office after I got home, and the soonest Dr. Gonzalez could see me is Monday morning. Took the appointment.

Last night, when I was getting ready for bed and flossing my teeth, a sizeable chunk of my tooth fell out, in that spot I thought I had merely misplaced a filling. Anxiety, anxiety. Poor Troy. He had to put up with my panicking. What if they have to pull the tooth? What if all my teeth are falling apart? This stinks, big time! He made me promise to call his mom, who works in a dental surgery office, for words of wisdom. I was also going to make some calls to dentists.

Dr. Gonzalez's office reaffirmed that no dentist would be available to see me until Monday. I called my former dentist, well the office of Dr. Drefke. Dreaded calling, but was desperate to be seen. Probably no one has the patience to read this much of my entry, so I won't go into details of why I quit seeing Dr. Drefke, other than my last two experiences left a very bad taste in my mouth. Mercifully, Dr. Drefke wasn't around and his partner, Dr. Miller, could see me.

They did some digital x-rays. After examining those and looking carefully at my tooth, he told me that I needed a root canal and a crown. Called Troy and a few friends for prayer. Cried. Yes, I'm a wimp and a drama princess when it comes to dental care. I'm also a very bad dental patient. I HATE having pokes, prods, drills, and the like in my mouth. Though I was a walk-in emergency patient, they were able to do the root canal today, if I desired. Well, desire or not, given that getting a permanent crown made, after a mold is created, takes two to two and a half weeks, I had no time to lose. After all, this baby's due in a month. The root canal and crown process, in this office, is a three step process: first, doing the root canal; second, making a mold for a crown; third and finally putting in the permanent crown.

Ahead of time, I warned the staff and dentist that I'm not a very good dental patient. My mouth produces a lot of saliva, and oftentimes it's not sucked out frequently enough, causing me to want to swallow on my own. On top of that, I have a fear of getting oral work done, I hate keeping my mouth wide open for long periods of time, blah, blah, blah. I also requested not to have a mouth guard put in my mouth, forcing my mouth to stay open.

Survived an hour of yucky oral work. The drama isn't over, yet. Dang it!

Well, ended the day nicely. Went window shopping with Diana and Isabella. Will attempt to sleep. Will have to drink loads more water to avoid a Charlie Horse. Good night, folks.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

When it is time to go down, even if it's not nap time

Yes, she is our sweet little, adorable princess. But even princesses have their moments. She's been screaming, moaning, crying at the drop of a hat this morning. So, despite the fact that her nap time is somewhere between 1 and 2:30 pm, she is in her bed . . . to rest? Something has her on edge, not exactly sure what. Not hungry - she's had her breakfast and a bit of a snack. No belly aches or other pains. No dirty diaper. Just plain temperamental. She's not usually this bad, unless she's tired. We'll see if some rest in her crib does the trick.

Yes, she got pretty excited when I promised her I would take a picture with the camera. "Zao shang," she kept saying. "Take my picture," take my picture!"

You can see residue of the princess drama, here in this picture.

Nighty-night Booboo. Nap time for you.

I need to lay down, too.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

ERGO! We have an Ergo.

Thanks to our generous sister (Tenny) and brother-in-law (Tim), we are now proud owners of an Ergo. Arrived in the mail this past Saturday. We chose the black with camel lining.

Isabella is still a baby that likes the physical intimacy of being held, and she's way too big for the wonderful well-worn Baby Bjorn that Manda & Johnny gave us. Now both babies can be held without one feeling left out. Yay!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Wanting to feed herself with a spoon

Isabella has been sticking a spoon in her mouth for some time now. But today, as I was giving her some baby food fruit, she insisted on dipping the spoon in her hand into the fruit. Given her persistence, I assisted her in dipping her own spoon into the fruit and bringing it into her mouth. We did this together until the fruit was almost entirely consumed. She did pretty well. Definitely lacking the coordination to do it on her own, though.

Napping doesn't come easy in the Changley household these days

Still on the one nap a day. Getting her to sleep is rather interesting, though. She'll stand, sit, play, talk . . . for awhile before she settles down to sleep. The thing is, she shows signs of tiredness when I put her down: moodiness, yawning, etc.

Here's some proof of what she does before she gives in to her sleepiness.


Can you believe she fell asleep that way? Yup, I left her in that position. I know at least one grandparent who's going to see this picture and be super concerned. Seriously, as soon as I put the camera down, I put her into a better sleeping position.