Friday, February 29, 2008

A misunderstanding with the obstetrician's office, sciatica vs. contractions

Yesterday, late morning, I was feeling pretty sharp pain somewhere where my butt and left leg meet. This pain came when I stood up or walked. Called my obstetrician's office. Told me to come in and get some sort of test done to see whether I'm experiencing contractions.

Contractions? I know what those are, and I wasn't experiencing those kinds of pain. Called them back and emphasized that the pain was in the hind part of my body, not the front portion. Told me to come in anyways so they could diagnose the pain.

I happened to arrive in the middle of a staff meeting. Someone ushered me into a room for a stress test. Before she hooked me up, I showed her where the pain was. She still hooked me up to the machine. Having had the stress test once before, when I was pregnant with Isabella, I was aware I'd be hooked up to this machine for about 30 minutes. Was supposed to press a button every time I felt the baby move, which was pretty frequent. Baby's heartbeat ranged from upper 120s to lower 170s, staying mostly in the range of 140s and 150s.

After about 30 minutes (and a bit of dozing here and there), what I gather to be the PA came in to see me. Did you eat today? Yup, in the way here, as a matter of fact. Have you been drinking fluids? Yes, throughout the day. Where are you feeling pain? Somewhere where the buttocks and left leg meet. Oh my goodness, that has to do with her sciatic nerve. Someone unhook her from the machine so she won't continue feeling back pain.

After I was unhooked from the machine, I was totally alone in the room for at least ten minutes. I stood outside of the room, very puzzled. Someone finally asked me whether they could help me. Yes, yes, yes. Still wanted to talk with someone about the pain. The PA comes back to see me. Sciatica is due to pregnancy. Recommendations for coping with the pain: Tylenol, getting someone to massage my butt (oh yes, I can see Troy being thrilled to do that), putting a warm compress on it, resting. If I don't feel better by my next visit, I might be recommended for therapy. Get someone to professional massage my butt?! Hey, no complaints here. Wouldn't mind having insurance cover most of a doctor-recommended massage!

I'm hoping I don't have to pay much of anything or anything at all for the misunderstanding that wasn't my fault. . . We'll see.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

EVERY baby friendly place should have one of these!

This past Friday, February 22nd, I flew into the Mobile, Alabama, airport, where Christine was to pick me up. Per usual, I had to go to the bathroom after the plane landed, never mind how many times I had to go on the plane!

After I went, I just HAD to take pictures of what I saw in the handicapped stall. Many of you know that Isabella, though she's cruising furniture, shows no interest in free-standing or walking on her own. Not yet. That means, every time she and I are out alone and without a stroller, I am holding her in one arm while I am going to the bathroom. Yes, holding a twenty-something-pounder while using the facilities is a bit of a hassle. Imagine doing that pregnant! And my belly isn't that small anymore.

Too bad Booboo wasn't with me, so I could actually make use of this contraption. Why aren't there any of these in South Texas, where there are babies and pregnant women EVERYWHERE?!

Actually, I've been told that not only are these helpful for mommies like me, where the toddler isn't walking yet. But, these are good for walking toddlers who want to get on their hands and knees to see what everyone else is doing!

This is SO COOL! Why can't more places have these available for mommies and daddies?! Wait, scratch the daddies part. Some daddies that I know would just let their little ones crawl on the dirty little floor no matter how dirty it is. And, I'm not talking just about dirt. Hello, germs, bacteria, and what not!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Still 2 naps a day, and I am glad!


Our little one still takes two naps a day (forty minutes to an hour and a half a piece) and sleeps well overnight (about ten to eleven hours). I'm ever glad of that. Don't know when she'll convert to one nap a day. But, for now, I'm very pleased with the sleeping routines.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Isabella is 17 months old today

Already 17 months old this one. She's jabbering away. Loves to repeat anything I say.


Here's her favorite dog. Yup. While we were at the new Barnes & Noble in town, in Mission, Saturday, we picked up a backup dog identical to this one. The old dog's nose smelled so bad. Isabella seems to enjoy biting the dog's nose really hard. So stinky it was that I hand washed it and machine washed it twice before most of the stench was gone!

On her right arm is a purse Manda got for her. Every once in awhile, she has to hold it over the crook of her elbow or over her shoulder, like a big girl!

Too cute! I'm not prejudice. Of course not.

I'm 28 weeks


Can't believe I'm 28 weeks pregnant. Where does the time go? I'm headed out of the second trimester and into the third one.

Allegedly, the baby is viable now, albeit if she came now, she would need much heavy duty care. Still . . . pretty amazing!

Stacking cups


Why bother with buying pre-packaged stacking cups at the baby stores, when you can just use yogurt containers?

Isabella was taking cups, one at a time, from one stack and forming her own stack. Pretty cool.

More drawing


Friday, February 15, 2008

If in utero movement is any indication of how the baby will be once she's born . . .

this child is going to be REALLY active. This baby is constantly moving, even when I'm rocking her. When I was pregnant with Isabella, walking (which, I'm told produces a rocking motion in uter0) would put her to sleep. At the very least, she became quite still. Not the case with this one. She continues to twist, turn, and move.

This little one has very few periods where she's still. Not complaining. Just providing an observation. Quite honestly, I think the movement is so fascinating and wonderful. Still feels like a little alien is inhabiting my body, of the sweet and loveable sort.

Guess what I'm getting for Mother's Day this year?

r. A BABY! Yup, Changley #2 is due on May 11, 2008, which is Mother's Day this year. Due dates, I believe, are merely a jumping off point for negotiations.

I love the last name Manda came up for us - Changley. A wonderful blend of our two last names. Don't think Troy would be in favor of officially changing all of our last names to this. Oh well, I'll settle for the unofficial reference.

Anyways, my new ob, Dr. Hearther Daley, and I hope the baby will come before Mother's Day. Though in the end, my greatest desire is for the Lord's will and way to be done, my petitionary prayer is for me to have a healthy and safe VBAC. I'm going to do as much as I can to encourage Changley #2 to come before Mother's Day. Lord, willing. Any suggestions? Walking. Um, well, I'm not going to mention another activity that's allegedly helpful to prodding the process forward. . .

Monday, February 11, 2008

Balancing the amount of drink & food intake

In the last week, I noticed two things: Isabella's eating considerably less during each meal and she's drinking A LOT more milk. Before last week, she was interested in drinking cow's milk, but she wasn't consuming a large amount at meals, perhaps 4 oz., at best. Now, for instance, this morning she consumed, easily, 8-12 oz. of milk!

Saw her teeth again last night, when I was brushing. More molars and other teeth coming in. Could explain her increased desire for milk. However, I've read from some sources that eventually, I may want to offer milk later in each meal, so that she doesn't get full before eating much of any of her meal. I mean, seriously, she has been eating hardly any of her meal in the last four to seven days.

Pregnancy picture - 27 weeks


A few of you have been asking to see pregnancy pictures of me. Here it is. I am 27 weeks. What does that mean? I have about 3 months to go. Due date is something like May 11th.

Troy, Isabella, & I were walking at Edinburg Municipal Park Sunday afternoon. Beautiful weather. After walking some 30 minutes, I felt pretty warm, a bit hot, when the wind stopped blowing. Never mind the fact that I have an oven inside my belly.

When I was pregnant with Isabella, walks would invariably put her to sleep in my tummy tum tum. With this one, at least yesterday, walking seemed to motivate her to move, twist, and turn!

Showcasing . . . Sweet Isabella!


Our little bottom sticker upper


Friday, February 08, 2008

So many changes in little Isabella's life that naps, well, what are those?

I know Booboo is teething BIG TIME. After I gave her a bath Wednesday afternoon and was drying her off on the floor, made her laugh. Saw lots of new white dots that had recently emerged fr her gums. Poor uncomfortable Booboo. Has affected her in a number of ways. Decrease in appetite. Restless stomach. Sleep! What's that? She usually takes two naps a day (yes, I know, I'm fortunate . . . keep in mind, combined they don't last more than two or two and a half hours!). Yesterday, her first nap was perhaps half an hour. What is usually her second nap time, well, she spent that hour jabbering, sitting, standing, and cruising her crib. Today? Didn't nap at all. Started her night-time bed time routine around 8:10 or 8:15 PM, she was out like a light by 8:30 pm.

Speaking of which, nighty-night!

Isabella likes her mommy to take her picture


She won't pose or smile for the Sear's Portrait Studio photographer, but she'll always throw a smile at this photographer's camera :) . Our little cutie patootie.

Oh, though she's doing the traditional crawl more often now, she still prefers the army crawl for speed.

My Baby Registries - Babies R Us, Target, and Pickles and Icecream

Well, I'm registered at the following places:
For dreaming unrealistically huge, and, just for fun, I also registered at

For each of these places, the primary registrant is me: Lily Chang. The co-registrant is: Troy Nunley. The due date or the event date is: May 11, 2008. The location is Edinburg, TX (if that doesn't work, try: McAllen, TX).

What rhymes with "buck"?

A little humor for this blog. Isabella said this yesterday, when she and I were home alone. She repeated it at least three times this morning, with Troy as a witness. She said a word that rhymes with "buck" . . . No one around her has said this word. I figure she's trying to work with sounds and words that she already knows. Could be a combination of two words she says quite frequently, "book" and the Chinese word for rice ("[fon]").

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Isabella's preferred sleeping position


Yup, this is her preferred sleeping position. Other people have witnessed this fact. Even if we lay her down so that her head is on the mattress, she oftentimes crawls back so that her face is pressed against the crib. She likes this sleeping position!



Friday, February 01, 2008

Anxiety and its manifestations

I'm writing this posting with the intent of informing other new mommies or mothers-to-be. This past Wednesday, the day before yesterday, I had a wonderfully encouraging meeting with my obstetrician. The encounter started like any other pregnancy check-up. She measured my uterus and located the heartbeat with the doppler. Blah, blah, blah.

When she asked me at the end of our appointment, how I was doing, I was very candid. Very stressed. If not stressed in the strict sense of the term, distressed. She asked the details of the happenings of my life as of late. In addition to filling in those details for her, worries and concerns too, I told her that since my pregnancy with Isabella, I have felt off and on thoughts of "what if I can't breathe?" Whether in a pool, in the shower, when I have a stopped up nose (from allergies or a cold)? I realize that these thoughts are completely irrational. For instance, I've had some five years of swimming instruction. Though I'm not a great swimmer, I know how to swim and to hold my breath under water. Though the thoughts are irrational, they come unbidden. Actually, I've noticed they seem worse when I am distressed.

It's called ANXIETY, she said. She was so loving, sweet, and empathetic. My obstetrician said that when tremendous life changes happen with any individual, anxiety can come in a variety of ways. Mine has just chosen to manifest itself in the form of concerns about not being able to breathe.

During the course of our conversation, I found out that she, too, is a Christian, detailing how she recently started attended a church new to her family. We chatted about trusting the Lord to take care of me. She also suggested engaging in activities that relax me: scrap booking, playing the piano, singing.

What a relief that my obstetrician not only didn't look at me like I was crazy or that she had no idea why I was experiencing what I am, she loved on me. She recognized my struggles and she gave me a clearer understanding of what I have been and am experiencing.

Speaking of relief, since I've found out that my book is officially in print, I've been checking daily to see how many vendors are carrying my book. The day before yesterday, three books were available for sale: on Amazon, by Caiman based in Florida, and by HarvardStore coming from Illinois. But, as of yesterday, harvardstore was no longer selling it. My guess was that someone had purchased the copy. Not sure why, given that their price was the highest of the three. Today, a third vendor is selling my book: globalproduct, out of Germany, for the high price of $132!