Monday, January 28, 2008

Stupid stretch marks

Last night, I noticed what appears to be forming stretch marks around my belly button. Dang it! I'm blessed to have never had stretch marks before pregnancy, but I got stretch marks when I was pregnant with Isabella. At least those were pretty low on the belly. This time around they are in much more of a noticeable spot AND the they have formed much earlier in the pregnancy. With Isabella, I think the stretch marks showed up around 37 weeks. I'm about 25 weeks now. Did I mention that I HATE stretch marks?!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kicking Charlie Horses out of my life

I was talking with Manda this afternoon. Had no idea that experiencing Charlie Horses in the middle of the night was any indication of dehydration. Dehydration. Are you KIDDING me? Okay, okay, people are always saying that pregnant women have to go to the bathroom all the time. I deny no such thing. But, has anyone also thought about the fact that a pregnant woman drinks more fluid than the average person? Well, at least I do. I drink two to three times the amount I would normally consume, minimally.

At the suggestion that I am not drinking enough fluids, I nearly choked. What? Can that be possible?

I've never experienced Charlie Horses, ever, until pregnancy. With this pregnancy, I've been blessed with no Charlie Horse experiences until recently. Let's recount what has happened in recent times. Oh, all right, I've been on antibiotics for a week and a half, and I've noticed they really dry me out. Yup, I've got two sorts of pills drying me up: antibiotics and prenatal vitamins. Perhaps I, indeed, am not consuming enough liquids. Up the amount I drink, I shall. Mercifully, I am nearly finished with my 14 day regimen of antibiotics. Hopefully my sinus infection will be gone, too. If not, I will fall over dead. No. I will be VERY discouraged.

Make believe

Yesterday, Isabella was picking stuff out of my hands and eating them. Perhaps she was believing the items to Cheerios, puffs, or even strawberries. Whatever the case, she was having a grand ole time and doing it repeatedly. Didn't know babies play make-believe at this young an age!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Charlie Horse from Hades

I don't remember when I started experiencing Charlie Horses when I was pregnant from Isabella, but I experienced my first one with this pregnancy in the wee hours of the morning. Geez, it hurt so badly. Woke Troy up saying quite loudly that I had a Charlie Horse in my right calf muscle. Bless his heart, he took my leg and started massaging it.

I was paralyzed in pain. The muscle pain was so great, I couldn't try to relax that muscle on my own at first. I tried really hard to bring my toes towards my head, but my leg and my toes weren't cooperating. Though Troy's massaging hurt, my muscle relaxed enough for me to get up and stretch it out. Did I say how much it hurt. It really HURT!

I don't know what about pregnancy causes Charlie Horses in me, but I haven't had this problem when not pregnant. My right calf muscle is STILL sore,even some 16 hours later.

Got to get to bed. Troy and I have dreaded dentist appointments tomorrow. Am checking out a new dentist. Hate going to the dentist, but regular cleaning and maintenance must be done. Will probably tell me I have a dozen of cavities and gingivitis. Oooooh yaayyyyyyyyy. Oh, and I'll probably not be able to keep my mouth open for more than two seconds at a time, since the cough from my sinus infection isn't completely gone. 8 AM. Dentist appointment. So excited, haven't been able to get it off my mind all day. Please Lord, let it not be a difficult visit. I would love to have a visit with no dental work necessary; good teeth! Last pregnancy around, I had four fillings done, either for the first time or redone.

Friday, January 18, 2008

I am amazed by how quick Isabella is to imitate what we say!

I am floored by how quickly Isabella's picking up new words. "They" (I don't know exactly to whom "they" refer, perhaps the ominous experts) say that babies tend to accelerate in one particular area more than others. Well, Isabella's gifting, at this time, isn't in physical mobility. She's taking her time making strides forward there.

She still cruises furniture. Otherwise, crawling satisfies her; she can get where she wants when she wants. However, she is beginning to show signs of preparing to walk on her own. She doesn't just pull herself up on pieces of furniture, such as couches and chairs, she's pulling herself up against walls, our dish washing machine, the refrigerator, the oven. Also, she's standing more erect than before. This doesn't have as much to do with preparations to walk, but more to do with physical mobility in general - she's doing the traditional crawl a little more frequently than previously. Otherwise, she's pretty content with a fast army crawl.

What is she saying these days? Here's a sample (but not an exhaustive list) of what she's been attempting to utter lately:

In English -
  • book.
  • "hi."
  • "hello."
  • "buh-bye."
  • The alphabet letter "c."
  • "doggy."
In Chinese -
  • spoon.
  • bib.
  • bread.
  • cracker/cookie.
  • carrots.
  • tofu.
  • banana.
  • milk.
  • fish.
  • more.
  • come.
  • open.
  • ear.
  • blanket.
  • dog.
  • cat.
  • mother.
  • father.
In Taiwanese -
  • grandma.
  • grandpa.
  • opo squash.
In baby sign language -
  • more.
  • finished.
  • eat.
  • milk - although she doesn't sign it anymore these days. She just says it.
  • bath.
  • change diaper.
  • sleep.
What commands does she understand and follow? In Chinese, she understands and follows -
  • come.
  • give mommy - well, sort of, sometimes she does it.
  • eat.
  • take another bite.
  • last bite.
  • clap your hands.
  • raise your hands.
  • shake hands.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A sinus infection, great.

Monday, I went to see my ear, nose, & throat specialist - Dr. Turner Wright. A no nonsense kind of guy. Straight forward. Knows what he's doing.

I've been feeling down right crappy since Sunday night, over a week and a half ago. Well, by the time I saw Dr. Wright, it had been just over a week. Had had enough. Waking up every two hours in the night hacking, coughing, and believing that I wasn't going to make it (I was feeling so horrible and helpless). On top of waking every two hours, it took me thirty to forty minutes each time to fall back asleep.

Dr. Wright asked me some questions, examined me, and said I have a sinus infection. Easy enough to treat, he said. Even when pregnant. He rolled his eyes. He has a great affinity for pregnant women and nursing moms. He finds them difficult to treat. Doesn't mean any offense. He and his wife have three girls. He prescribed antibiotics that he's sure to be safe for pregnant moms to take.

Normally, I've very very hesitant about taking antibiotics. Can't this stupid thing go away on its own? This time? Forget it. I don't do being sick well. Add pregnancy on top of it? I'm very, very, VERY miserable. Poor Troy, for having to put up with me.

I've been on antibiotics since Monday late afternoon. The results so far? During the day, though I still have crap in my sinuses, in my nose and throat, I'm feeling a bit better. People tell me I'm looking a bit better. At night? Dangit. I'm still waking up every two to three hours, coughing and hacking. On top of all that, the antibiotics suck me dry. As if pregnancy doesn't already to prompt me to drink gallons upon gallons of water a day. Now I'm really drinking like a camel. The prescription recommends I take the antibiotics for 14 days. FOURTEEN DAYS? My friend Katia, who's a doc., said it might be okay to take it for just a week to ten days.

I just want to be well again, to know what it's like to breathe normally and not wheeze. Can't sing without breaking up and can't sing completely on pitch. Stink. Well, on such a positive note, I'm signing off. Bye-bye.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Having severe allergies while pregnant is driving me crazy

This past Saturday, Troy and I took Isabella to the zoo, in Brownsville, which is an hour's drive from where we live. By Sunday morning, I was a bit hoarse. Things got worse from there. By Monday night, when I attempted to go to sleep, I felt this huge blockage in my throat; I don't know how else to describe it. But, every time I coughed, it was a dry cough. Kept me awake a large portion of the night. Was so frustrated and uncomfortable that I cried, and all the noise that came out was a whimper. Besides taking Isabella to the pediatrician Tuesday morning, spent a good bit of the day in bed. When I went to bed Tuesday evening, wasn't quite as bad as the previous night. Woke up ever two hours or so coughing mercilessly. Cried out to Troy in desperation. Yesterday morning, finally started hacking up stuff. Yuck, I know. Throat felt a bit clearer, but it was sore from so much coughing and hacking. Last night, still woke up every two hours. Yup, saw the time on the clock. Hacking, coughing, coughing. Merciless and relentless coughing. Took me at least 20 to 30 minutes each time to fall asleep again. Oh, and the nasal congestion was noticeable yesterday. Today? My head feels like it's going to EXPLODE. Eyes are on fire. Feeling pressure on my head from all sides. Great. Just what I ordered.

I've got some work I have to do. Can't wait. Took some allergy medication this morning. Just popped some Tylenol. Yes, it was necessary. Might have thrown up otherwise; the head throbbing was so out of control. Going to see whether I can do a bit of work before I go home and collapse on the bed.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Pink eye and a molar

Isabella had a fair amount of white-ish yellow discharge in both eyes. Yuck. It got worse as the day wore on. When we got home in the late afternoon, I called the office of Isabella's pediatrician. The nurse seems to think Isabella has pink eye, even though the whites of her eyes are still white. By early evening, one of the eyes was getting a tiny bit red. We have prescription eye drops to treat her infection, so hopefully the agitation will abate soon.

In other news, this evening, Troy and I spotted a rather large molar in the lower right quadrant of her mouth today. It's not just coming in. It's been growing for awhile, but we just didn't see it until today. It's not surrounded by any other teeth. There we are!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

She's saying "Ma ma" in her sleep!

I'm wrapping a few things up before heading to bed, getting a few final Christmas newsletters ready for mailing and working on job applications. Took a moment to read news from the Drudge Report, when I heard Isabella saying "ma ma," "ma ma." Thought she had woken up. When I went to her door, she was lying still. Awwww, calling for me in her sleep. How sweet.