Saturday, June 14, 2008

Breastfeeding a Baby Bracelet for SALE!

I made the nursing bracelet you see Martha modeling. There are several different variations and a couple of colors I'm working with at this point. The goal is to have a fashionable piece of jewelry that moms can use to keep track of when they last nursed. Other than keeping one at a local Pickles and Ice Cream store (along with business cards and instruction cards), I haven't done much to promote the bracelet. A bit busy with mommy and wife stuff.

Below is some portion of the instruction card I made. This doesn't capture the diagram or the tightness of the presentation.

3B by Lily

Breastfeeding a Baby Bracelet

Every woman needs a 3B!


Keep track of when you last nursed, by wearing the bracelet on the wrist of the side on which you last nursed and placing the charm to mark the hour you last nursed. Each bead represents an hour.

Why a 3B?

Though very functional, the bracelet is also an exquisite piece of jewelry. Anyone can wear these bracelets, not just nursing moms. The bracelet is made of sterling silver beads, sterling silver clasps, Swarovski crystal for the charm, and foil glass beads.

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