Monday, November 19, 2007

Isabella's 14 months old today.

I can't believe how quickly time has flown by. Isabella's very much into emulating us, whether in speech, motion, or gestures. Loves to eat. Gee, I wonder why. It's not as if either of her parents loves to eat. Is making her own strides forward everyday. I think she's a loving, sweet, beautiful baby. People often comment on how polite she is, greeting people with a wave and a "hi."

Isabella figured out how to get into a sitting position on her own!

She's done this multiple times today. Isabella has figured out how to go into a sitting position from a crawling position or a standing position. First spotted her suddenly sitting straight up in the kitchen this afternoon, not long after Troy got home.

Today, Isabella has been more feisty than usual. She's been kicking, twisting her body, and moving around her torso, all at the same time. I think she's gearing up to do something new, in terms of movement. Oh, and she let me help her stand.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Finally, a picture update


My mother-in-law has been dropping hints of wanting to see pictures of Isabella. Here you are! Honestly, haven't been taking pictures as frequently. Don't know if I'm just too tired to take pictures or what is the case.

I'm putting the news out there, finally. . .

Alright, alright. . . When we first told family the news, one of them was so excited, she didn't keep her promise not to tell other people the news. We told a relatively conservative number of people. As the weeks wore on, I began feeling a bit more comfortable about sharing the news with a wider group of people. At my women's small group meeting, which meets on Wednesday nights, I started getting comments about my eating at many of the gatherings. "Oh honey, did you not get a chance to eat dinner?" Of course I have. In fact, I ate just before going to church. For a little while, they thought that perhaps Isabella was keeping me so busy that I needed to eat more. That explanation worked for awhile. I finally just broke the news to them. I have no impulse control and have to eat all the time. Okay, okay, Isabella's getting a sibling.

Yup, you heard correctly. I'm expecting. EXPECTING!

Responses? Some were shocked and in disbelief. What, already? Some confessed how close some of their children are in age . . . 12 months, 13 months, 15 months. Well, Isabella and her brother or sister won't be that close together. They'll be around 20 months apart in age. Can't do the math on that? I'm around 13 1/2 weeks. Baby's due mid-May.

Speaking of Isabella, though she's sweetly saying "hi, hi, hi," I can smell something not so sweet coming from her. Must go. Diaper duty calls.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Copy this, copy that . . . hey, got to watch what I'm doing!

Here we are, a much awaited updated. Since the writers in Hollywood and New York are on strike, I thought I'd step in and offer some entertainment. Definitely not knock-you-down hilarious, but, hey, what do you want for no charge?

Growing up, we'd receive yearly updates from friends of the family, in the form of Christmas newsletters. I couldn't stand reading ones that sounded more like an embellished, grandiose resume rather than a down-to-earth, friendly letter. I want anyone who reads any such grandiose throw-up penned by me to let me know that I'm guilty of such writings. I think I'm going to get rather close to being annoying when I talk about Isabella.

To avoid sounding pretentious and disgusting, I'll begin by saying that Isabella is still not walking free-standing. She's not showing any signs of getting ready to do this, but neither does she seem interested. That's alright by me. She might be attempting to make me look good, since I didn't start walking until I was two.

Don't worry, she hasn't some sort of physical developmental disabilities. She's cruising furniture. But, she figures, since she can get around rather quickly doing her army crawl, that'll do for now. She does do the classic crawl, from time to time. I saw her do it as recently as yesterday, and, I'm sure, before that.

Isabella loves to copy what I say and what I do. Today, I was playing with her, using a Lamaze stuffed dog. If you press its mouth together, it makes two barking noises, followed by some panting noises, and two more barks. I'd copy it, and she'd copy the panting. Even stuck her tongue out, that little one. Can't believe she has such a long tongue! Definitely not from me. She also said, "dog" in Chinese - gou gou - over and over again. She's said gou before, with lots of enthusiasm. Tonight, for the first time, she said guai (pronounced something like g-why), which means "good" or "well-behaved."

In other news, I try to go out, nearly every weekday, in the late afternoon, to do some academic work while Troy and Isabella spend time together. Troy tells me that she oftentimes gets quite mad while I'm gone. The audacity that her mommy would leave her for any given period of time.

Here's something super funny. Although it would be more embarrassing than funny, should she ever do this in public. She loves to pull my shirt up . . . no, not go for the breasts. She likes to poke my belly button and then rub her nose and mouth in my naval area, rub her entire face, really, back and forth. Laughing while she does it. Quite endearing.

Periodically, still, when I'm wearing a sleeveless shirt, she'll try to unsnap my nursing bra and she'll make the "milk" hand gesture. Great. Trying to wean her off of the last nursing (I'm nursing her once a day, first thing in the morning) is already hard enough. There have been times I've entertained the possibility of giving in to her. Hey, don't shake your heads. You veteran nursing moms know what I'm talking about when I say that weaning is so emotionally difficult.

Am I rambling or sounding boring yet? By the way, that change in time has messed us all up. I had trained Isabella to be content in bed, without us coming to her rescue, until between 7 and 7:40 AM. This morning, she started crying at 6:20 to 6:30. Determined for training and adjusting to the change to be swift, I didn't rescue her right away. She was VERY PERSISTENT. By 6:50, I gave up and went to her rescue. Neither Troy nor I was getting any more sleep. Tomorrow morning is a new day!