Tuesday, August 28, 2007

BEWARE! People may be able to use Google search to map out where you live!

One of my good friends, Chrissy, e-mailed me to let me know of a new feature google offers. At google.com, you can type in a complete phone number and hit the search button. phone book results will show up for that number. under "phone book results," next to the address listed with the number, is an option to map the location of the address.

So far as I can tell, this only works for land lines. This worked for my phone number, John (& Manda) Huddle's Texas phone number, Junko's number. . . If you don't want people to be able to locate and find you, click on your phone number, and select the removal form. It takes about 48 hours for your information to be removed.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The weaning process

I never knew the weaning process would be the most traumatic for me, not for the baby. I've been nursing her four times a day for awhile, but as of yesterday, she's nursing three times a day. The move from four to three times a day wasn't quite as hard as I had imagined. Somehow, I thought there would be a tremendously huge, princess-style protest. I collapsed the lunch time nursing into one. Instead of nursing her at 1 pm and 5/6 pm, I nurse her around 4 or 5 pm. Her baby food mealtimes, especially lunch time and dinner time are earlier than before. Once she's pretty comfortable with three nursings, the next nursing I'll cut out will probably be the mid-day one. The early morning nursing will be the last to go, I am certain. She clings to me longest then.

I'll have my breasts back to myself, and I can wear real bras again; but I'll miss that intimacy. One day I'll tell her stories of just how excited she'd get whenever she saw my bare breasts. Whenever she finds her way to me when I'm showering, she gets so ecstatic, not just by having found me, but also by the sight of my breasts. How do I know this? Any times she sees my bare breasts, which I avoid doing, she does a happy dance.

By no later than when she turns one, which is in less than a month, I'm cutting out that mid-day nursing. Til later, adious.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Time to get a bigger car seat

Well, well, well, our little baby is no longer an infant, and she needs a bigger girl's, a toddler's, car seat. After doing research and speaking with various friends, Troy and I settled on a car seat that has excellent reviews for safety and comfort. The former is especially important, given that people aren't the most careful drivers around here. Wasn't the cheapest of choices, but heaven forbid, if some crazy person decides to crash into us, we want our little one to be safe and in place. This is a Britax Roundabout Convertible Car Seat.

As soon as we get it, we'll install it rear-facing, as that is safer for the baby. But, as her growth and development necessitates, the seat can be forward facing.

There's definitely no escaping the crib now!

Given that Isabella's figured out how to stand in her crib when I've attempted to put her down for a nap, we decided it was time for some changes. Yesterday, I took off the bumper pads. No more using that as leverage for attempting any escapes. This morning, Daddy-o lowered the mattress to the lowest level. Now when she stands, she won't be able to pull herself out of the crib. Hooray for safety!

Here are a couple pictures from her early nap today.


Raise your hands if you're sure!

Yesterday, Isabella learned a new trick and some new words. She recognizes the Chinese words for "raise your hand(s)." She learned it only after two or three tries!

Before, when ever she heard the word (in Chinese), "hand," whether I said "wave your hand" or "clap your hands," and she would respond by clapping her hands. Since a few days ago, perhaps up to a week ago, she has learned the differentiation. She no longer confuses the different phrases.

Speaking of phrases, in Chinese, "yogurt," has the word, "milk," in it. Whenever she hears any phrase with "milk" in it, she does the sign language for it! So cute.

Monday, August 20, 2007

She's 11 months old; can you believe it?!


I haven't had time to post her 11 month pictures until now. On the 19th, a couple of days ago, she turned 11 months old! In less than a month our little girl will be one.

The other day, I was looking at clothes for Isabella, and something dawned on me. I'm not looking at infant clothing anymore. I have to look at toddler clothing for her. Isabella's a TODDLER now. Oh my gosh.

The craziness, I mean funness, never stops!

Tried to put Isabella down for a nap, not long after noon time. Checked on her about half an hour later, though I knew she still wasn't asleep. Babies don't cry when they're sleeping. She was STANDING in her crib! Was able to get her to nap, after I kept her company until she fell asleep. She look an Isabella-length nap.

In other news, I was doing some stuff online, looked over at Isabella, and saw her trying to pick something up off the floor. When I went closer to see what she was picking up, it was a SPIDER! She was trying to befriend a spider. Glad it wasn't a poisonous variety, or at least I don't think it was.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Canadian woman delivers identical quadruplets

Karen Jepp, of Calgary, Alberta, and her husband had to drive some 325 miles to Great Falls (Montana) for the births of their babies because hospitals in Calgary were at capacity. This 35 year old woman's babies were born approximately two months early. On Sunday, she delivered her identical girls: Autumn, Brooke, Calissa and Dahlia, by Caesarian section.

Canadian woman delivers rare identical quadruplets at Montana hospital

From barely pulling herself up to dare devil tricks!

Didn't she just learn how to pull herself up? Now she's a little dare devil. She did a little cruising along the coffee table tonight. And, AND she dared to step on books to play around with the contents on the coffee table. Check it out!


Stand, baby, stand!

Look, look! She's playing with the stereo.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Separation anxiety

Boo boo doesn't even know she's making feel Daddy feel bad. Lately she's being showing signs of separation anxiety, subtle and very obvious ones. For instance, this morning, while I was taking a shower, she made her way, army crawling, to the bathroom where I was taking a shower. I knew this, because I heard her cooing and happy-screaming. Once I heard her in the bathroom, I peeked, by poking my head to the side of the shower curtain. Delighted to see me, she squealed and smiled from ear to ear. As soon as I went back to showering and she couldn't see me, she screamed and cried.

This afternoon, after Liz and I came from Starbucks to our home, Isabella was already in a weary, testy mood. But, I was able to get her to giggle and scream in laughter, as you can see in the three pictures below (that Liz took for me).


After Troy had returned from running errands, I passed Isabella to him, and she got super mad. Poor, poor Daddy. I feel really bad for him. After he passed her back to me, she was giggling again.

Isabella's going through a phase where she's super attached to me. I'm flattered. But, I wish that didn't have to come at a cost to Daddy-o.

Isaboo pulls herself into a full standing position for the first time!

Today was the day! Isaboo-boo pulled herself into a full standing position by herself. When Liz was over in the afternoon, she straddled my leg and pulled herself into an upright, standing position.

But then, in the evening, she didn't need to straddle my leg anymore to stand. Several times, she used her arms to pull herself from a belly down position into a kneeling position. I could tell she was trying so hard to go from kneeling to standing. One time, Troy helped her stand; a couple of times I gave her a slight boost.

Then she did it entirely on her own. Again, she began by lying on her belly. Grabbing on to the coffee table with both arms, she pulled herself into a kneeling position. After that, by using the combined strength of her arms and the pushing of her legs, she stood upright and tall. Go Boo boo!
See Isabella stand!

What a champ!

A potential ballerina?

Her first word? "Bye!"

Spent some time with Liz Plaza, a friend I know from church. Started out at Starbucks. Then, I brought her over to our home, for two reasons. First, Isabella was getting restless at Starbucks. And, I wanted to see the 700 odd pictures Liz took in Chile.

At some point, Troy was leaving to send an Ebay package via UPS. He said "bye" and closed the door behind him. As soon as Troy closed the door, Isabella said, "bye" a few times! She even waved. Troy missed her utterances, but Liz bore witness to it all!

"Bye" might have very well been Isabella's actual first words. She seemed to know what she was saying!!

Her expression looks super strange here. But, this was one of the moments during which she said 'bye.'

Liz, playing with one of Isabella's toys.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

I give up, Teletubbies win.


I can't stand Barney and Teletubbies. Seems mindless and dumb. Sorry; that's just the way I feel about it.

Andrea, the daughter of friends of ours (Alice & Jeff), was a sweetheart and gave Isabella a few of her things, including "La la," the yellow Teletubbi you see here. When you press its belly, hand, or foot, it lights up and plays various things. Isabella finds that very entertaining and fun. She does a dance on her belly every time it starts. She even goes back to press the belly again as soon as it stops playing.

Entertain little Isaboo? That's definitely good. Guess I can't throw the Teletubbies completely out the window, yet. . .

The foot that Johnny Cash wants to eat so badly


Couldn't resist. Boo-boo went to bed at 9 pm last night. When I peeked in on her, just wanted to eat her up. So cute, so cute.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Shoving banana puffs in by the mouth full


Yesterday, I gave Isabella banana puffs for the first time. She reached into the bottle, grabbed a fist full, and shoved it all into her mouth. She did this repeatedly. Dude, I think she digs her banana puffs.

She has also tried the sweet corn puffs. Not the same sort of enthusiasm the first time I introduced that to her. But, when I mixed the two up in a pile, she didn't differentiate between the two kinds and ate both kinds happily.

Scaling the Secular City, I mean, Daddy


She's using those strong legs that she's had since she was utero to stand. Of course, there's no harm using Daddy for leaning. Stand, baby, stand!

Jesus Loves Me

Jesus loves me, this I know
For the Bible tells me so.
Little ones to Him belong.
They are weak, but He is strong.
Yes, Jesus loves me.
Yes, Jesus loves me.
Yes, Jesus loves me.
The Bible tells me so.

Interesting multitasking endeavors

Tonight, while I was cooking dinner, Isabella crawled in and out of the kitchen to check on me. During one of those times, close to when I was done cooking, she got particularly upset. Since she hadn't nursed in six hours, I thought she might want some mommy/daughter time. She also seemed tired. Anyways, when I started nursing her, I checked her diaper. Great. She had pooped. Decided that pulling her off would make her REALLY MAD. So, I lifted her up, maintaining her nursing position, and headed towards the bedroom, where all the diapering necessities were. I laid everything on our bed and changed her diaper, while still nursing her. What a feat. Stank, it did, though.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Unbelievable, a couple has their 17th biological child!

As I pulled up the internet this morning and opened firefox, Yahoo! News came up, and I spotted a news headline that said "Arkansas couple welcomes 17th child." That definitely caught my curiosity.

We're not talking about any adopted children folks. Michelle & Jim Bob Dugger have 17 children, and Michelle is only 40. Two sets of twins. She's been pregnant for a grand total of 10.5 years of her life, so far. Dude. That's a lot of pregnancies!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Isabella's play date today

Katia, Naomi, Isabella, and I got together at Barnes & Noble today, so the babies could "play" together and Katia. We know Katia, Jeff, and Naomi from church. Had a good time. The babies were good for a whole two hours, before both started their melt downs, because they badly needed naps.

Naomi is 13.5 months old.

They were cute together. Katia would hand a toy or stuffed animal to Isabella, followed by Naomi coming over to grab it from Isabella. Whenever I gave something to Isabella, Naomi would try to take it or share it. Isabella finds Naomi entertaining.

A dress that fits for Haiying's wedding

I hate the way clothes look on me these days. Actually, I can't stand my figure, my body. Anyways, I tried this dress on at Macy's, but they didn't have the size I needed. I ordered the next two sizes up, to see which one we like most. Troy picked the size I'm wearing in these pictures. I'm wearing this dress in Haiying's wedding!

This last picture is me holding the first dress I purchased, at J. Crew online. Zipped up to the bottom of my chest and no further.

I've got some raw flesh on my breast

Those little teeth keep getting longer, and they are sinking into my breasts! Thought I was done teaching her not to bite my breasts. Boy, was I wrong. Yikes. Saw a bit of raw flesh on my left breast. Nursing is a bit scary, because I don't know when she might bite down. When she does, it really, really hurts.

Am not ready to convert to formula for allergy reasons. Plus, she's not trouble on the breast all the time. We'll see.

Isabella uses the same hand gesture for milk and food in general

I must say that I'm very pleased and tickled pink that Isabella has learned to use her hands to gesture and tell me what she wants. She opens and closes her fists to let me know she is hungry. I've been trying to teach her for about two and a half months now that opening and closing the fist means milk. In the past few days, I've noticed that she does it when she is hungry, in general. Well, hey, at least I know what she needs when she does that! Yay. I'm still going to insist on her using a different gesture for other foods, bringing all the fingers on one hand together and bring that to the mouth means eat. Working on that.