Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ugh, I have mastitis

This is serious stuff folks. The pain from mastitis makes the pain from clogged ducts look like nothing. I've had mastitis as of yesterday. What were/are my symptoms? Well, yesterday, I woke up around 3:30 or 4 AM in throbbing pain, in my right breast. We were sleeping in Troy's parents' basement, and I was freezing. With the heat on and with several covers on me, I couldn't get warm. My right breast was hard as a rock on the upper half. After waking Isabella and nursing her for an HOUR on that right side and putting her to bed, nothing got better.

At close to six o'clock, not having any luck sleeping and still freezing, I head upstairs for a hot shower, even though I haven't found any clean underwear. The shower lasted as long as the hot water lasted. Had goose bumps on my arms. Was still a bit cold. Attempted to massage my breast to see if I could make some of the milk come out. When I had clogged ducts in the past, the warm water and massaging would make the milk come out. The massaging was VERY painful. On top of all that, I felt nauseated. I started crying and whimpering in the shower. Feeling helpless, in tremendous pain, and alone. It was early in the morning and I didn't want to wake anyone up.

Somewhere in there, I realized that I was running a fever. Then it dawned on me. I had the symptoms of mastitis. GREAT (not).

I was trying to find a second towel to wrap around me, one around my torso and the other to cover my wet hair. Couldn't find one in the hall closet. So, I thought that was enough reason to wake Troy's mom up to get one from their bathroom. Actually, I really needed some support and help. She was quite a trooper. Made me some tea. She also looked up remedies for mastitis, and we tried what she found out in some book. We put shredded raw potato on the affect breast for 15 minutes. I also took a couple of Tylenol.

Meanwhile, I call my ob-gyn in Texas, get the answering service, and plead with the woman to contact my doctor. How soon will I hear from her? The woman said she'd page my doctor right away. I heard back from her in fifteen minutes. She said that from my symptoms, I definitely had an infection, mastitis. GREAT! Well, I was ever grateful that she was willing to call in a prescription without actually seeing me. She probably only did that since I was in Ohio. Anyways, she told me to take the antibiotics four times a day and to take extra strength Tylenol. She called in the prescription to a 24-hour Walgreens pharmacy, and thankfully, they accepted the out-of-town prescription. I love you Walgreens!

Troy and his mom were to pick up my prescription. Seemed like aeons passing when I was waiting for them to leave. Finally got a call from the pharmacy telling us the prescription was ready for pick up. They were gone for thirty or forty minutes, and I felt like I was going to die. I nursed Isabella despite the fact that nursing on the right side made me cry and want to scream in pain. By this time, she was laying by my side on a recliner, nursing on the on other side and falling asleep. I was feeling more nauseated by the minute and wanted those antibiotics!

Luckily, Troy's sister was aroudn to rescue Isabella from me, while I went to the bathroom and threw up the tea I had consumed. When Troy and his mom got back, I was still feeling so horrible, I could barely muster the energy to take the antibiotics. But I did it. And, guess what? I threw that up, too. To make matters even funner, when I was sitting on the toilet, I had the urge to throw up. Troy couldn't get me any bags in enough time before the incident occurred. Luckily, the sink was within reach. I threw up in the sink while on the toilet. Beautiful.

To make matters even better, we were departing for a car trip to return from Chillicothe, Ohio, to Knoxville, Tennessee. This journey would last anywhere from five and a half to eight hours. Thankfully everyone - Troy, Karen (Troy's mom), Becky (Troy's sister), and Isabella - were understanding. I laid in the back seat of the minivan, with pillow and blankets. All I did the entire journey was sleep and nurse. That's it.

Today? Feeling better, but still very weak and still pained in the right breast. Will still try to get plenty of rest; that's the next best medicine. Good thing we're around family, especially as I heal from this awful, awful infection.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Isabella crawled today, without a doubt!

Three witnesses to her crawling today, early evening: Manda, Troy, and me. She was on the livingroom floor, and Manda was teasing her with a new favorite book, a dinosaur board book that Auntie Becky gave her. Manda would make Isabella reach for it by showing it to her and than putting a greater and greater distance between her and the book. She didn't just wiggle or shuffle forwards to get to the book. She actually crawled! Granted, she hasn't perfected the art of crawling. But give the baby a break! This is great strides in babyland. YAY!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

She's cutting at least two teeth

She has been rather fussy today, and being tired or hungry wasn't the culprit. Usually when she's unhappy, she becomes content when I pick her up and hold her. At times today, nothing seemed to comfort her. That coupled with the fact that she was extra drooley gave me indication to believe that she's teething. Well, tonight we had two confirmations of this fact. One, at one point in time, I felt her gums; sure enough, i felt sharp little do-dads. Two, Troy, the brave soul, took a look. Isabella's not fond of us checking her mouth out. Anyways, we saw those little suckers in the front, bottom of her mouth!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Browns at La Vista Park

Katia & Jeff Brown with their little one, Naomi.

Naomi's 3 months older than Isabella. At this time last summer, five women were pregnant at the church, including Katia and me.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Falling asleep in the high chair

Troy and I were watching Lost on the computer late afternoon, early evening. Meanwhile, Isabella was sending me signals that she wanted to eat. I decided to whip out some baby food. The last time I tried was around noon, and she wasn't interested in baby food at that time. At any rate, I started with sweet potato that she didn't finish from a previous day. There was a fourth to a fifth of a tub left. She finished that and seemed eager for more. Fed her a jar of carrots. Devoured that. Whipped out some squash. Let her have several teaspoons of it. Didn't test to see whether she'd eat the whole thing. Gave her some bananas (not the baby food version; she seems to favor real bananas).

I turned my head to look at the computer monitor and when I looked back at Isabella moments later, she had fallen asleep! She stayed asleep in her high chair for about 30 minutes.


A sitting Isabella