Friday, April 27, 2007

Other baby food we've tried, bananas and apples

April 26 - bananas
April 27 - apples

I was going to wait until I've tried introducing "all" the vegetables to Isabella. But, in recent times, her stool has become noticeably firmer or harder in shape$. I haven't checked to see how firm it actually has been, but at times, the stool was shapely enough to roll out of the diaper.

A concern I want to avoid is constipation. I'm not saying she is constipated. Don't think a baby that pooped seven times yesterday is constipated. A month has passed since we've starting introducing baby food. I figure there isn't any harm giving her fruit after she's had her vegetable for any given feeding session. Yesterday and today, I tried giving her the baby food version of bananas. She doesn't like it. She love fresh bananas, however. Tried pears today. Didn't care for it. Will keep trying, ofcourse, to see if she changes her mind.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Isabella tried kuri-kabocha for the first time

We stopped by Junko's this afternoon. I brought her some of the lasagna I made last night. Yup, I'm all about sharing, especially with Junko and Manda, two people who have done so much for us and have provided loads of food for us. I feel really bad, because every time I come over with the intent of just visiting with Junko, I invariably get hungry. Even if I eat right before going over to her place, I get quite hungry. We chatted, we ate (crackers, cheese, and zucchini bread that she made), Isabella ate, and we went home.

Junko boiled some kuri-kabocha, Japanese squash or pumpkin (do I know the difference) and mashed it, so Isabella could try it. My dad has cooked kabocha when I was still living at home. Loved it. Has a very pleasant smell and taste. Tried giving Isabella some tonight. She ate two to three bites. Then every subsequent time I tried to feed some more to her, she pursed her lips and scoffed at me. I'll try giving her some more tomorrow, I guess.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Teething cues

I'm super bad at remembering things. I got this in an e-mail from babyweekly:

As with most developmental milestones, there is no standard for when teething will begin, how long it will take, or how painful it will be. A baby's first tooth usually comes in around the seventh month, although it can arrive as early as three months, or as late as a year. Some common signs and symptoms of teething include:

Swelling - Swelling of the gum tissue is usually the first sign of impending tooth eruption.

Flushing or rash - Your child's cheek may appear flushed or develop a slight rash near where the tooth is erupting.

Drooling - Teething babies usually produce more saliva and will drool excessively.

Crankiness - Teething babies are often unusually cranky and irritable, and may not sleep well.

Try the following tips to help soothe teething pain:

Biting hard objects - Give your child hard objects such as teething rings, as these can ease some of the pain.

Cold - Frozen food such as a popsicle or frozen banana may also soothe your baby's gums during teething.

Numbing - There are several baby-safe teething gels available, such as Baby Orajel or Baby Ambesol, that you can apply directly to your baby's sore gums. However, some of these gels contain sugar so use them sparingly.

Baby ibuprofen - If your baby is going through a particularly painful phase, baby ibuprofen may help. As always, check with your pediatrician before giving any medication to your baby.

Isabella's 6 and 6.5 studio portraits


This was taken at Sear's Portrait Studio, the day after she turned 6 months. Yup, that's me under that green cloth. Manda, the photographer, and I worked so hard to make Isabella smile. All we got was screaming and no screaming. No chance getting her to smile. The real kicker was that it was company policy that they must take at least 9 pictures before we could pick one.


She did better on this day, but, still no big smiles. Hard to please, this one. Didn't help that people working at the studio made us wait 45 minutes to an hour before taking any pictures.

A great internet resource for breastfeeding moms

I have been trying to figure out whether Clarinex, a prescription allergy medication, is okay to take while nursing. My allergist said it should be fine, but my ob-gyn was against it. Certainly I didn't and don't want to cause any breastmilk production issues by taking allergy medication, but I also want to take care of my allergy symptoms. One of my girlfriends, who is a pediatrician, recommended the following website, which she believes is well researched: kellymom: breastfeeding and parenting. This is the second time I've heard about this website. Check it out!

Monday, April 23, 2007

I don't think she likes the smell of sweet peas

I've tried giving her peas, but tonight was the first time I gave her sweet peas. What's the difference? Don't know. The packaging doesn't give detailed information as to the plant from which the peas are extracted. I do know the smell of the sweet peas is significantly stronger than the peas. Will try sweet peas again in a few days.

I HATE clogged ducts

Not that anyone enjoys clogged ducts, but dangit, I really can't stand the fact that my right breast easily gets clogged ducts. All you mommies who are eager to pass advice to me and tell me what I'm doing wrong, I'm not finding a cause of the problem. I'm not wearing too tight a bra or putting too much pressure on the right breast by carrying a bag on that side. I've just got bad luck with that breast. It's hurting REALLY badly to nurse on the right side, much like the time I broke down and went to see my ob-gyn, not too long ago. I can see that the problem seems to be the same exact one. Clogged ducts in my right breast are just the bane of my existence these days.

I can't even begin to describe how much my nipple hurts when she nurses on the right side. Someone stick a face towel in my mouth so I don't break my teeth, crunching in pain. Seriously, I've gotten on the phone to talk with people and attempt to distract myself from the pain. Aaacccccccckkkkkkkkk!

Glad I got that off my chest.

I got Isabella to take a bottle this afternoon!

After not taking a bottle for almost a month and a half, I got Isabella to take a bottle this afternoon. What a feat, for us anyways. Got home from work and nursed Isabella at about 12:25 PM. About an hour after nursing her, I fed her some carrots. While she was in the high chair and after giving her carrots, I decided to try and give her a bottle. I grabbed the breastmilk I pumped this morning, while at work. Tried that first. She was biting the nipple of the bottle and didn't really seem interested. Setting aside any strong urges not to taste the breastmilk, I mimicked how to suck on the bottle several times to Isabella. After each time, giving her the opportunity to drink. After many attempts, she took it! Took some five to ten minutes of working with her. In no time, she drank an ounce and a half.

I was curious as to whether she was preferring the newer breastmilk to the older or whether she had just forgotten how to use the bottle. So, I decided to try some frozen breastmilk on her. Got the oldest breastmilk out of the freezer, that was still useable, and warmed it up under the sink. Then poured the contents into a different bottle. She started chewing on the bottle, just like before. I repeated what I had done earlier, and soon enough, she drank from it. Yay!

I know the work on training her to use a bottle isn't over, yet, but for now, I'm super excited. She's taken the bottle. I never thought I'd hear myself say that I'm excited that she's taking a bottle, but, alas, I am.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Isabella likes squash

Gave Isabella squash for the first time today. She loved it! Ate nearly the entire tub of stuff and ate it without being distracted by stuff going on around her. I'm so proud.


Junko took these pictures for me.

Isabella is 7 months old today!

I can't believe how quickly time flies.

Our little princess is 7 months old today.

Surprise, surprise.
After she fell asleep in the Baby Bjorn, I was actually able to put her down without waking her.
Her nap lasted about half an hour, which is typical for her. When she naps, she typically sleeps anywhere from twenty to forty minutes.

Manda was getting Isabella to practice sitting.

I can't remember who's making her laugh, I think it was Manda.

Sitting like a big girl, she is.

Today's fun-filled events

Lots of activities planned for today. Manda, Isabella, and I are going to my friend, Junko's, for lunch. She's going to make sushi, and I will attempt to make more mental notes as to how to make the stuff. Honestly, she makes fantastic sushi, and I don't think I could ever partially measure up to her ability.

Manda & Martha (one of Junko's neighbors)

Junko, working hard to prepare California rolls.

Isabella, where she's quite comfortable.
She got tired of staying on the floor by herself,
and she wanted to be part of the action.

Manda took these two pictures.

Late this afternoon, I met up with Marilyn. Her hubby is out of town, and we are also due for a visit. We went to Target and then went for a walk at Edinburg Municipal Park.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Isabella had a little bit of water today

I was drinking water out of one of our large plastic Shakespeare cups. Isabella looked very interested. I decided to see whether Isabella was interested in trying to drink a bit of water, very carefully. She liked it a lot!! In fact, she got kind of upset when I stopped. Tried to see whether putting some breastmilk in a sippy cup might work. Nope. I even drank a bit from the sippy cup to coax her into drinking. Didn't work. More than that, I was thoroughly disgusted by the taste of the breastmilk. Yuck!

Stupid clogged ducts

I'm about tired of problems with clogged ducts in the right breast. Problems last night and problems tonight. In fact, part of the reason why I'm still up at this late an hour is because I am slowly manually draining the right breast, to prevent the clog from getting worse. Only in the last few days has my right breast not been quite painful to nurse; in fact, it is finally back to normal. Took a couple of weeks to fully heal. But, from what I hear, that's understandable, given how sensitive the nipples are to touch, especially for those who are nursing.

Just perhaps for my information and kicks, I didn't really have sensitive nipples before being pregnant or nursing. Now I do. What gives? I guess they have an important role to play now.

Anyways, I'm busy trying to drain my breast as best as I can to avoid the previous problem that lasted two freakin' weeks.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sweet potatoes, mmm, mmm, good


Isabella had sweet potatoes for the first time today. And, wow, she really liked it. Liked it so much she had a whole jar, 2.5 ounces worth, in one sitting.

Friday, April 13, 2007

The Ergo, a part of my wishlist

This has gotten a lot of great reviews from parents. I'd love to have an Ergo, because I can then carry Isabella not only on the front, but in back or on my hips. And, Mommy or Daddy can use the Ergo. ERGO Baby Carrier.

I got a link to this website from someone who left a comment on this posting, for a chance to win an Ergo. Don't know whether it's legitimate, but here's the link: Win an ERGO BABY CARRIER in our April-May Contest.

Still refusing the bottle

I'm trying different things to see whether Isabella will take the bottle from Daddy while I'm at work. I bought an Avent bottle at Target, yesterday, seeing whether the nipple and bottle would make a difference. We've been using Dr. Brown's bottles. Troy had no luck. About a month has passed since she last took a bottle.

I'll have Troy try the Avent bottle a few more times. The last ditch effort to get Isabella to take breastmilk from Troy while I'm gone will be using a sippy cup. We shall see.

Breastfeeding, not a story for men to read

Something just happened, that I find keen and amusing. This story isn't really meant for men to read. So, if you're a guy, beware and read only at your own risk. Consider yourself warned.

I'm wearing a nursing bra, which is what I wear most of the time; wearing a regular bra just isn't convenient. I kept my left breast exposed. Not the best reasoning. Simply that the nursing pad I was using was a bit damp. I was reclined on our bed, with Isabella next to me, reading to her. Her body and face were facing away from me. Within a moment, she did a 180 degree turning, facing me. And she maneuvered towards me and started sucking on my exposed breast. Isabella was quite smart in figuring out she could access milk.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Isabella's first adventure in her high chair


Love, love, love this high chair. There is a tray of fun for Isabella, to occupy her attention while Mommy's preparing her food. Then, when she's ready to eat, the fun tray can be removed and stored/hooked behind her high chair. In its place goes a tray that is dishwasher safe, where she can make whatever mess she desires.

She loves the high chair. I love the high chair. Now, I no longer have to worry about holding her up with one arm, while feeding her with the other hand. I have two free hands. Yay!

I mixed some carrots into her rice cereal and breastmilk. She didn't seem very keen on the texture or taste. Oh well, had to try sneaking in some rice cereal. We'll try another time.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Isabella's high chair has arrived!

We ordered the Fisher-Price Aquarium high chair, since the local stores were out-of-stock or didn't carry it. I've heard really good things about the chair and read a lot of positive reviews of the chair.

Most of this chair was paid for by Abirami, a dear and very long-time friend. She gave us a huge gift card, with which we purchase loads of diapers, wipes, some eating bowls for Isabella. We used what was remaining on the card and then some to purchase this high chair.

Up to now, I've been holding Isabella in my lap when attempting to feed her, and this is always a challenge. She likes to wiggle a lot, and she likes to wave her arms around while I'm trying to feed her. So, the high chair has come at the right time.

It arrived tonight, and Troy assembled it. Unfortunately, it was too late in the evening for me to try putting Isabella in it.


She does seem to like the toy that goes on the table of the high chair.

It can entertain her as I get her food ready. And, when she's ready to eat, it fastens to the back of the high chair, out of the way.

Happy baby!

Monday, April 09, 2007

She likes carrots!

Tried a new baby food with Isabella this afternoon: CARROTS.

Don't know whether she's getting the hang of baby food or she happens to really like carrots or perhaps both, but she ate between a third and half a bottle of carrots. She was opening her mouth to receive a new bite of food each time.

Fed her the new item at Junko's this afternoon. Junko snapped lots of pictures to document the activity. Speaking of which, she watched Isabella a bit,while I met with a student at school. They seemed to fair quite well in my absence. Junko even put her in a rocking recliner, to watch T.V.!

I'm super tired. Time to go nighty-night.

sleeping babe; i love watching her sleep

1 AM

I love, love, love watching Isabella sleep. She always looks so sweet.

Wow, what a difference her diaper makes after she's had food, other than breastmilk

I just changed her poopy diaper. I shouldn't be surprised, given what other people have told me. But, I am anyways. Her diaper, before I even opened it, smelled like the peas I fed her yesterday. Wow, the color and consistency reflected the food she ate, too! Poop was a bit more greenish, and her stool was more solid and beady than a solely breastfed diet. Interesting! Alright, I know this is of no interest to people who aren't mommies or new mommies for that matter, but this is the closest thing I have to a journal these days.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Victory! Isabella had a fair amount of baby food to eat tonight


Excellent. Nearly everyday, I've been working hard to see if Isabella will eat baby food. Not long after nursing her tonight, she seemed to still have an appetite; call it mother's instinct. So, I decided to try some baby food vegetables. We're still on peas. Peas it was. I heated up two full teaspoons worth. She ate it all. Hooray, hooray! Victory in the Changley household.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The drugs are on guys!

Don't get so excited, I mean the antibiotics for me have been delivered. After seeing Dr. Garza-Montalvo yesterday and attempting to get a prescription filled, I had to wait until today to get the prescription. They didn't have it in stock yesterday, so I asked them to deliver it today. They delivered it early evening, at about six-thirty.

Dicloxacill. I'm supposed to take a capsule 4 times a day. Whew, the capsules stink really badly! They smell like someone with a tummy ache passed some stinky gas. This is supposed to be a wonder drug for someone with mastitis. That is, I should feel the effects of the medicine within a day of taking it; it works that fast. We shall see what happens when I nurse Isabella in the morning.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A visit to my ob-gyn

Yesterday, I made an appointment to see my ob-gyn, Dr. Garza-Montalvo. Nursing Isabella on the right breast is still so painful I want to pull her off right away. I want to stick a piece of cloth in my mouth to bite, to withstand the pain; or, I'm tempted to pull her off. I can't simply stop nursing on that side, because I've got to keep the milk supply going, and I don't want further problems to develop as a result of engorgement (see my entry on blocked ducts). Anyways, I made an appointment for 11 AM today.

Went to their new office. Very nice. It's in a brand spanking new building, that's still under construction. Didn't get to see the doctor until nearly two hours after my appointment, close to 1 o'clock. Isabella was quite patient. She sat for a little bit in her car seat. Then I nursed her and I got her to fall asleep for half an hour in the Baby Bjorn. From there, keeping her happy took more effort; I had to hold her and entertain her. Can't say I blame her for being so bored for so long at a doctor's office.

After examining me and hearing my account of what had happened, Dr. Garza-Montalvo believes that I simply have blocked ducts and possibly a mild case of mastitis. I'll say. I hope the continued pain isn't just from blocked ducts. I'm thinking I have some version of mastitis, so far, without the flu-like symptoms. She prescribed antibiotics (safe for baby, ofcourse), that will kick any residual infection I might have. The place I normally get my prescriptions filled won't have it ready until tomorrow. I went ahead and paid for them, and they're supposed to deliver the goods tomorrow. Hopefully that will take care of the problem.

What Isabella is doing these days

Foods we've tried giving Isabella:
March 22 - introduced Baby Rice Cereal for the 1st time.
March 28 - gave her green beans for the 1st time.
April 2 - peas.

What Isabella's doing these days:
  • She's on bottle strike for the third week in running. We haven't introduced formula or anything like that. But, while I'm at work Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, Troy tries to feed her breastmilk by bottle. She'll have nothing to do with it.
  • She can turn herself completely around, 360 degrees.
  • She somehow manages to move sideways and forward somewhat, even though she can't crawl, yet.