Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Holding herself up while on her belly

Just in the last few days, Isabella has become extremely proficient at rolling on her stomach and then propping herself up. She holds herself up for up to thirty seconds or so at a time! Look out Changley household, I believe she's getting ready to crawl.



Monday, January 29, 2007

flipping back and forth

I'm trying to do some work, getting ready to teach specifically. So, I put the little munchkin in the Pack 'n Play. I'm sitting nearby, on our bed, which is right next to the Pack 'n Play, because she doesn't like me to be far from her. Lots of rumbling noises from the Pack 'n Play. She's not only kicking a lot, but this flipping from her back to her belly and then back on to her back is regular now. She's a dangerous and adventurous roller now!

Got to run before she decides I don't need to be doing any work.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Isabella's 4 month visit

Isabella's four month visit went relatively well. She got her four month examination from the good Dr. Martin Garza. But then, poor dear, she got lots of vaccinations, combined into two shots in the left leg, one in the right leg, and one oral.

She's 13 pounds, 24 inches long, and her head circumference is 17 inches.

17 inches?! That's only 7 inches shy of the size of my big noggen.

Little darling's taking a nap. I have a choice of taking a nap or preparing lectures. Must prepare lectures, as her nap time when Mommy's around is precious little.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Taking things one day at a time

The clock has just struck midnight. Can't believe the weekend's over. I've decided Sunday isn't one of my favorite days. Why? The weekend is just about over when Sunday arrives. Don't look forward to rising at 6 AM.

As a mom, taking advice from my sister and other wise folk, I learn to celebrate victories, large and small. We've survived the first week of classes without any catastrophies. Made appearances in all my classes.

Now beginneth another week. Nuts. Well, got to go and finish preparing for the week. Then, I've got to pump. Then, I'm going to bed.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Isabella is 16 weeks old

This is the first studio portraits we've had done of Isabella. Isn't she adorable? One of my friends here in town told me about Sears Portrait Studio, and she even gave me great tips on how on purchasing pictures. I went there today with a plan as to what I was going to do.

Unfortunately, that plan was thrown out the window when I saw the different poses of Isabella. We ended up spending more money than planned. In the future, I've got to grow stronger determination to stick to the original plan. But, look at these picture, can you blame me for caving in to get different poses of our little one?

One of the persons working while I was at the Portrait Studio thought that for a four month old, Isabella was quite impressive. He made the following observations:

  • she smiles a lot.
  • she is very observant.
  • she's great at grabbing on to things.

He thought that our four month old is further along in mental and physical development that others her age. Sounds good to me; ofcourse I don't have any biases. No, no.




The photographer who took her pictures did such a great job, I'm hoping she'll be around when we're ready to return for more picture-taking.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What Isabella will do for Daddy when Mommy's not around!

Maybe I just excite Isabella so much whenever I'm nearby and she's aware of the fact, but Isabella doesn't take naps during the day very well for me. She'll take one early morning, but then, any other naps take lots and lots of work.

I came home around 11:45 AM, and both Isabella and Troy were laying down!

Guess what? Isabella's still sleeping! She's slept nearly 3 hours now. Go baby. Go Daddy.

Just to be fair or challenging, take whichever interpretation you like, Isabella makes life on poor Daddy rough, too. When I'm home and she's aware that I'm home, she'll sometimes give Daddy a hard time. I'm trying to convince Isabella that Daddy's just as good, even if no milk comes out of him!!!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The one year hiatus is over now

One year ago, this past December, Isabella was conceived. From then, though I wasn't spared from emotional or physical responses resulting from hormonal fluctuations, I did have the pleasure of not having auntie visit, during the course of my pregnancy. Also, breastfeeding is supposed to delay the return of auntie's visits. That did happen with me. Unfortunately that delayed visitation is over now. She's back for a visit, and also with such news comes the reality of the matter that my body thinks it can produce babies again. Though I know a friend who conceived another child, when her firstborn was only four or five months old, I'm definitely not ready to go down that path. I'm only now getting more comfortable with breastfeeding, and my body's still recovering from surgery! Okey-dokey, that was perhaps too much information. I'll sign off now. Good night.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Isabella's changes and milestones lately

Isabella's parents are totally smitten by her. We oftentimes spend a significant amount of time smitten by our little one. Though we have plenty to do, we end up staring at her and commenting on just how cute she is.

What's been going on with Isabella? Well, . . .
  • she sleeps by herself, in the Pack 'n Play, at night now.
  • she has been sleeping through the night for about a week now, approximately 7-8 hours, at a time.
  • she'll hold her own hands sometimes.
  • her head is a lot less floppy.
  • she's showing a preference for mommy & daddy over anyone else.
  • she likes to watch the mobile move in the Pack 'n Play as well as in her crib.
  • as of yesterday, she weighed 11 pounds and 14 ounces.
  • she's wearing 3-6 mos. clothing, now.
  • she makes noises all the time.
  • she rolls on to her stomach a lot, when given a chance. (she hasn't quite mastered rolling back on her back, yet).

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

isabella goes to the movie theater for the first time

my friend, richard bourlet, is visiting. and, today, brave or stupid as we were, we decided to take isabella to the movie theater with us. we all wanted to go to the movies, the dollar theater, to see marie antoinette. why the theater's called the dollar theater when tickets are more than a dollar is beyond me. isabella seemed to do quite well, all things considered. she screamed when she wanted to let me know she was hungry. nursed her i did, right in the movie theater. my sister got me a super cool nursing cover. love it, love it. she screamed when i switched breasts. and, she cried a bit as we tried to get her to sleep.

daddy was quite helpful in distracting her for a little while so i could rest. then, i put her in the baby bjorn, stood in the back of the theater and rocked back and forth until she fell asleep.

the movie? actually didn't miss it. surprise, surprise. was an okay film. didn't like the ending. loved the elaborate costumes. where do people get the money to spend so much in making movies?

got to go to sleep now. mind and body are too exhausted.

oh, the places i pumped while i was gone

thinking about the various places i pumped while on my trip to and from washington d.c. makes me laugh. some examples? in a closet, behind one of the gate counters at the dallas-fort worth airport, in a marriot coat closet (it was actually the size of our living room - quite spacious), in an airplane lavatory, in a family restroom at dfw. oh the things a person does for his or her children!