Sunday, July 30, 2006

Did I just spot my first stretch marks? Boo!

I was getting ready to take a shower, took a look at myself in the mirror, and spotted what I think may be stretch marks on the under side of my belly, towards the left side. Boo! I've been stretch-mark free up until now. But, I'm still bummed. Troy's not convinced they're stretch marks, yet. We'll see; looks dismal to me :(.

i'm feeling her hiccups for sure today!

for the last little while, troy and i were laying on our bed, resting. got up early for praise and worship practice at church (early for us, that is). all the sudden, i felt little thumps or bumps from my belly. they would occur every few seconds, with the same intensity. after thirty seconds to a minute of this, i realized that the baby's hiccupping (sp.?)! how cool is that. i grabbed troy's right hand and put it on my belly, and he, too, could feel her hiccups. so that's what hiccups are like, when a little one in utero is hiccupping.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

feeling the baby's hiccups

I believe I felt the baby's hiccups for the first time; this occurred last night, while I was at Manda & Johnny's for a college and career bible study. Felt several thumps or taps a few seconds apart. Pretty neat, huh?!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Bravado! Designs, A Great Nursing Bra Find

I'm now wearing this fantastic nursing bra that Christine told me was great. I'm not going to be nursing for another two months, but dude, this is a very comfortable bra. For a more detailed entry, go to another one of my blogs, Some of My Favorite Shopping

The Website for Bravado! Designs is as follows:

Bravado! Designs - bras fit for breastfeeding

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

up to the moment stats.

Here are the up to the moment stats. on my pregnancy:
  • i'm 32 weeks and 5 days today.
  • baby-in-utero likes to hang out on the right side of my body.
  • haven't completely ridded myself of acid reflux, but at the very least, it is manageable.
  • haven't gotten rid of calf spasms.
  • some times i sleep well at night, some times i don't.
  • finding a comfortable sleeping position takes a long time; sometimes i have to settle for the least uncomfortable or awkward position.
  • i pee and drink lots of water throughout the night.
  • troy still reads our little one a story every night.
  • i can feel her move all the time.
  • my belly feels especially tight and for long periods, more in the evening than any other time in the day.
  • don't have sustained breath for long periods of time - for example, if i'm singing, i have to take breaths more frequently.
  • i cannot get through any given day without being pretty tired and exhausted.
  • baby's probably over 4 pounds now.
  • my visits to the doctor are every 2 weeks now.
  • my next appointment is tues., august 8.
  • i have at least one more baby shower to attend, one thrown by my church. i think it's on sun., august 13.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Troy installed the infant car seat and base into our car; I'm so excited!

Troy installed the infant car seat and base into our car this morning. I'm really glad he did this. To him, we don't need to be installing now; I think he'd prefer to wait. But, given that I'm 32 and a half weeks pregnant, I don't want to wait any longer, in case she decides to come early! Thanks for installing the car seat, Troy.

Hopefully we'll get someone in the police department or fire department to make sure it's installed properly soon.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

no sympathy for the preggers woman standing in line at the bathroom in south texas

i've read and heard that pregnant women tend to get more sympathy when standing in line to go to the bathroom, and they get to go straight to the front of the line. i must say, that has never happened to me here in south texas. before, perhaps it wasn't obvious that i'm pregnant. that certainly isn't the case now; i'm obviously pregnant!

interesting observation is that when we weren't in south texas and we were traveling to or from missouri, for me to defend my dissertation, someone did extend sympathies towards me and insisted on my going to the bathroom first.

just noting observations i've made. not necessarily launching any complaints, other than one of these days, i may not be so lucky and make it into a stall in time. sad, but that's the truth of the preggers woman here. signing off for now.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Troy gets to feel the baby's body parts

We had a doctor's appointment today. Unfortunately, by the time we made it out of the waiting room and into one of the many rooms inside, my doctor got called to the hospital. Instead of waiting another hour or so for her to return, we went ahead and saw the nurse midwife, Chris, who is super nice. I saw her last week to see whether I had an infection. Anyways, I had her show Troy how to pinpoint our little one's head, back, and butt. She's still facing downwards! The heartbeat sounds strong, as usual. Yay, baby!!!!!!!!!!!! Next appointment is in two weeks.

i'm a big pooping machine!

in my first trimester, i was super sonic regular. i've seemingly returned to such practices; i'm having bowel movements three to six times a day. hey, i'm not complaining. so long as i'm not having diarrhea issues or constipation problems, i'm down on that. maybe baby's sending a bunch of crap to me so i can get rid of it!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

i need an attitude adjustment after finding out 5 teeth need work

this morning, troy and i went to the dentist. to make a long story short, i find out that i have 5 teeth that need repair work; i believe these five teeth are ones that already had fillings in them. and, i have some gingivitis. the hygienist told me to make sure i floss everyday. when i assured her i do floss everyday, she said i must not be flossing correction. she's correct on that note, after she told me the proper flossing method.

troy, who hasn't flossed in years, literally, had no cavities at all. and, he only had some gingivitis on his bottom gums. no fair. genetics is definitely working in his favor.

hope our children get his genes when teeth come into play.

i want to think of the glass as being half full, not half empty. i'm bummed about needing so much dental work. but, on the positive side, at least i don't need a root canal. and, i believe that the work that's going to be done will be mostly on teeth that already had fillings in them. another plus is that troy and i decided to purchase dental insurance. so, what we have to pay out of pocket is considerably less than someone who is not insured.

i must say though, the cleaning process was absolutely unenjoyable. i choked once because they failed to suction the water and saliva (hello, don't they realize a pregnant woman produces much more saliva?!) well and in a timely fashion. plus my gums were sensitive. i'm sure part of that was due to gingivitis. but, i've also heard that pregnancy does strange things to one's mouth (gums and teeth), including making one's gums more sensitive and prone to gingivitis.

trying to be positive. not working.

Monday, July 17, 2006

the weariness of the third trimester hits hard

it's amazing, troy decided to start getting up earlier than usual (earlier than 10 or 11 o'clock); don't know what happened to him or how long this will last. so, i got up with him, close to nine o'clock. had breakfast, wrote a bunch of 'thank you' notes, did two loads of laundry, worked on finalizing my dissertation, and getting ready to mail a C.D. with dissertation material to the graduate school (at mizzou) - and i was done. . . the time was around 3 or 4 in the afternoon, and my energy was already gone. wanted to drop off to sleep, i was so tired. i am still really, really tired; don't know how i made it this far in the day. well, i took a fifteen/twenty minute drooly doze.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Little One is Facing Down

Yesterday, I had an appointment to see a nurse midwife, Chris Rierson, at my ob-gyn's office, to check and see whether I have an infection or not. The good news is that I really enjoyed talking with Chris. She's very personable and polite. When she checked the heartbeat, I asked her whether she could tell how the baby is positioned. She felt all around the belly area, and she identified where the baby's head was, where her butt was, and where her back was. She said the head was not too far below the belly button. She also showed me where the back and butt were. I couldn't feel what she was describing. Still, I was utterly amazed, not only by her keen sense of touch, but that our little one's big enough to be taking a significant area of the uterus. She's facing down, now; whoa! When she took a sample for lab testing, she also said that my uterus is quite long, which is a good thing at this point.

Well, the unhappy news is that I do have a bacterial infection. But, that's easily treated with medicine. Yay for medicine! I'll pick it up Monday.

My next doctor's appointment is Thursday of next week. By then, I will be 32 weeks. Can't believe how quickly the time is passing. Little munchkin will be joining us in the world before we know it and likely before we're ready. Looking forward to meeting her.

Monday, July 10, 2006

I got a very relaxing pregnancy massage today

I'm not normally one to give in on indulgences these days, especially since we are trying to be super careful about spending money. But, given my hubby's blessing and given that a lot has happened lately (e.g. I am towards the end of my pregnancy and I just defended my dissertation recently), I indulged myself in a 50 minute pregnancy massage. Definitely worth it. Felt so relaxed after the massage. Going to Riversong Spa and Salon for a pregnancy massage was definitely a good idea. Thanks Christine and Anna for the insisting on this; and thanks Troy, for the massage.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

cramps and achiness

Troy and I went to "Superman Returns" at the theater this afternoon. We got home around 5 o'clock. From the time I got home, I didn't feel all that well but wasn't sure why. We decided we would make dinner approximately half an hour later. Troy laid down on our bed, and I did too, given how bad I felt. My head ached, and I felt achy or crampy in the belly. I slept for close to an hour. I think the sleep did a tiny bit of good.

Anyways, Troy helped cut up vegetables and chicken breast, so I could get our dinner - soft shell chicken tacos - ready. Still wasn't feeling well, but I figured that since baby's growing her brain, bones, and other things, I should feed her something healthy. Troy and I had two tacos each. They were yummy and nipped my hunger for awhile.

In the meantime, I was feeling awful. The cramps or achiness and the headache wasn't going away. In fact, it was getting worse. The last time I felt that sort of achiness or cramps, I remember speaking with my ob-gyn's nurse, and she told me two important pieces of information. First, I was probably experiencing an expanding uterus. Second, Abby recommended that I take a Tylenol and rest.

So, somewhere between eight-thirty and nine o'clock, I broke down and took a Tylenol. Still I was feeling terrible. I asked Troy to keep me company while I laid down. Thankfully, he obliged. He practiced guitar in our room while I was resting on our bed. About thirty minutes later, I'm guessing when the medicine kicked in, I started to feel better.

As soon as I announced that I felt a bit better, Troy went off to surf the net, and I got ready to clean the bathrooms. I know, that doesn't constitute resting, right? Well, Troy and I are heading out of town Wednesday early morning, and I have loads to do before that time. I didn't want to delay my chores another day. So, off I went to do my chores.

I think my prognosis - an expanding uterus - was correct. After taking the Tylenol, though I'm not 100%, I'm feeling better. Must learn to take it easy when I feel this way.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

somebody needs to laugh, and it's probably me

I was in the middle of posting an entry in my A Day in the Life of Lily blog, about one of my goldfish being dead when I woke up today, and I heard Niao Mi (my cat) throwing up and hacking. I stopped typing, ofcourse, and went to clean up after him, once he was done. OxyClean is great. I know the germs are killed with that stuff, but you have to make sure to get ALL the OxyClean out of the carpet, or it will end up bleaching your carpet. Anyways, I threw away the bag with the mess in it, and I was washing my hands. I knew I really had to go to the bathroom, but I was almost done cleaning up. Well, I sneezed (and not very hard might I add), and it was too late. Peed in my pants. Yup, a light sneeze was enough for me to pee in my pants unvoluntarily. I'm pathetic. I think baby's pressing harding on my lower extremities than previously. But, I guess that's to be expected, given that I am 29 weeks pregnant and baby's around 2 3/4 pounds!