Friday, June 30, 2006

coughing and peeing in my pants

i'm telling this story for those first time preggers and, i guess, for amusing others . . . around 4 o'clock this afternoon, i had finished showering and i was getting dress. i was mostly ready to go when i was clearing my throat (allergies that never go away when temperatures never get cool enough to kill things to which i am allergic). then, i cleared my throat a second time, which was followed by a cough coupled with . . . warmth down there. okay, okay, i peed a bit in my pants.

that's my embarrassing preggers story for the day . . .

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

help! i'm so tired, muddle-headed, and hungry.

in the last three to five days, i have been dead tired, i mean utterly dead tired. i've been so tired the thought of doing anything makes me tired! to make matters worse, i can't seem to think clearly AT ALL. in fact, when i was catching up with my dissertation advisor briefly today, she was wondering what has happened with my mind. can't even seem to formulate sentences very well at this juncture. on top of all this, i have my dissertation defense a week from tomorrow, AND, i badly want to clear any clutter from our home and get this place squeeky clean. HELP! HELP! HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!

and, by the time we get back from columbia, mo, and i'm done defending my dissertation, we have at most 2 months to get ready before the baby is here! ofcourse, i have a million things lined up that i've been putting off . . . visit to the dentist, birthing class, etc. i'm so in trouble. rescue me!

Monday, June 26, 2006

doctor's appointment today went well

i still haven't seen all the ob-gyns at edinburg women's clinic. so, today (mon., june26), i saw yet another doctor for the first time today. dr. jim garza was super nice and very polite.

interestingly, i have lost 2 pounds since my last doctor's appointment, four weeks ago. i don't know why i lost 2 pounds. could have been any number of things contributing to that: i was a bit bothered by the fact that when i saw dr. carlos mohamed at the last appointment and asked him about the 6 pound weight gain, he seemed unhappy at the weight gain. in fact, he recommended all kinds of random changes, including eating a peach instead of a banana. other contributing factors? well, when i'm really, really hot, i generally tend to eat less, and the weather here has been unmercifully hot, reaching over 100 everyday (except today). other than that, i can't think of any reason for the weight loss. i haven't been trying to eat less. for goodness sake, our baby is developing her brain; don' t want to short change her any nutrients for that activity!

dr. garza also left plenty of time for me to ask any other questions. i informed him that we would be traveling from july 5 to july 13, mainly so i could defend my dissertation. he seemed pretty cool with that. in fact, he said not to worry about traveling; that would be fine. don't need to take any paperwork, documenting where i am in my pregnancy, he said. i was really suprised and calmed by how laid back he seemed about traveling. i told him that i had already found out what doctors are covered by my insurance in columbia, mo, in case i need to see a doctor while there, and he didn't seem to think i would need to see a doctor. it was so refreshing to see how relaxed he was and is about traveling, given that dr. garza-montalvo, my primary doc., has reservations about traveling while pregnant.

i also asked him about two other matters: the glucose test (that i took at the last appointment) and my next ultrasound. regarding the former, he said that the results were fine. hooray! regarding the latter, he said i'd get my next ultrasound closer to 34 weeks.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

no achy right hand from writing for a bit

praise the Lord! i've been using pen and paper to write down baby gifts given to us so far, since april, and my right hand hasn't been in throbbing pain as a result of writing. the lack of pain from writing hasn't occurred in quite some time. my carpal tunnel's been especially bad since pregnancy and since the weather's gotten really hot. so, i'm thankful for being able to do some writing without any aching.

maybe the hiatus from dissertation work has helped heal my hands. rest is always good, right?!

i've been so very tired today and yesterday

i ended up staying nearly six hours at roksana and lee's home yesterday. roksana threw me a baby shower that lasted allegedly from three o'clock in the afternoon until five. i left a bit past eight o'clock, when most of the party had left. i waited until most people had left and i waited until i just couldn't make it, in terms of energy, any longer. by the time troy and i got home, i was drop dead tired!

had a great time at the baby shower, but i was quite hot the whole time. was so hot, i wondered whether the air conditioning was working properly at roksana's home. i was sweating, at least a little bit, the whole time i was there. that was a terrible feeling, given that i don't take well to being hot, even when i'm not pregnant.

today i've been really tired, too. feel as if i barely have the energy to do anything. the thought of moving makes me tired!

can't decide whether the third trimester - when the baby's developing her brain, maturing her lungs, getting bigger, etc. - is exhausting me (i've read that the first trimester and third trimester are most exhausting for the pregnant woman) or the heat & humidity is exhausting me. perhaps it's a combination of the two that's killing me. what do you think? option three: i'm a wimp.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

not sleeping through the night is back again

it's 5:30 in the morning. i've been laying awake in bed for at least an hour, an hour and a half. finally, i decided to get up and do something.

now that i'm in the third trimester of my pregnancy, two things from the first trimester are back. i'm thirsty all the time, even during the night, and i can't sleep for more than a few hours at a time. when i wake, i become fully awake. wish i could sleep soundly through the night. but perhaps this is just training for what is to come in the near future.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

loved going to motherhood maternity with manda!

i have too many occasions these days in which i look in the mirror and don't recognize my body. deciding what to wear before going out, especially since pregnancy, can be quite a challenge. i'm afraid of looking fat in everything i wear. awhile back, i broke down and bought some pregnancy tops and a couple of pregnancy bottoms from and, i had the clothes from motherhood maternity my mother-in-law kindly purchased for me in december. i've been wearing pregnancy tops for awhile now. but, only recently, i've started wearing pregnancy bottoms from time to time. i more often wear regular gauchos, but in the medium size, that i bought at target.

anyways, i've been cycling the same three or four pregnancy tops week in and week out. i'm afraid those clothes will get worn out quickly, as often as i'm wearing them, and . . . people will start noticing i'm wearing the same few tops over and over again.

well, yesterday afternoon, manda was kind enough to go to motherhood maternity, at the mall, with me. this past monday, june 12, troy and i went mall walking, during which i saw one tope at motherhood maternity i liked. but, they didn't have the size i liked, because the shipments of those shirts were just starting to come into the store. to make a long story short, once they had more shirts in stock, the store gave me a call. manda was coming with me to see that shirt on me and to help me decide which size to get.

once we were are motherhood maternity, i tried on around fifteen to twenty different articles of clothing, ranging from tops to bottoms to dresses! thanks to manda-manders, i was trying on stuff i would have never otherwise found, without her help. i've been wanting pregnancy clothes that look cute and exciting, beyond merely solid-colored standard cut clothing. with loads of manda's help, we found lots of good stuff. in the end, we narrowed the stack of clothes to three tops, a pair of shorts, and two dresses. i ran the stuff by troy's approval before making the purchase. and, i admit, this was, in my mind, a bit of a splurge. but, a pregnant woman must be able to feel confident (and not ashamed) in what she's wearing. so, that we accomplished through the purchase of these articles of clothing. thanks for helping pick out stuff and for your wonderful taste manders! hopefully, i won't be making much more purchases, if any, in the way of pregnancy clothing this pregnancy.

will model the pregnancy clothing the next time pregnancy pictures are taken, for those of you who are eager to see me in the new fashion pieces or additions to my wardrobe.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

babies r us and toys r us are still merged at the moment

a friend, roksana, is kind to offer throwing me a baby shower in a week and a half, and she encouraged me to make sure i'm registered for plenty of stuff. i told her that i'm registered at and> and that in the past couple of weeks I've added items to the registries. she mentioned checking to see whether people could purchase the babies r us stuff at toys r us. so, after troy and i had lunch with roksana and lee, we went to toys r us to check things out.

at this time babies r us and toys r us are still merged. the nice lady waiting on me said that babies r us has been purchased by another company; so, at some point in time, babies r us products will not be made available at toys r us. to make a long story short, she was able to pull up and print my babiesrus.como registry. moreover, what was so cool was that a number of items for which i've registered have become "temporarily unavailable" online but are available at toys r us. some such products include the oxford blues pack 'n play and sony 27-channel baby call nursery monitor. what's more, at this time, if i get a toys r us gift card, i can also use it on babies r us. cool! while we were at toys r us, i signed up for some stuff that the online registry wouldn't let me register, such as diapers.

when feeling rather large from pregnancy, remember this

This poor, poor woman who is carrying at least five little ones in her belly! I'm not calling her poor for having five lives within her, but I am feeling bad for her, given the awkwardness of moving.

Check out the following link:
a very pregnant qiao yubo

The picture below is from Associated Press:


The picture above is a hoax. A friend brought this to my attention today (Mon., June 19). Check out the following article:

Super-sized belly ends a prank

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Consumer Reports says that organic food is better for babies and children

Some of you probably know that my hubby and I have been making a slow conversion to organic food products. We stick to organic products that make a huge difference, including milk (and other dairy products), eggs, and chicken. My best friend sent me the web address for this Consumer Reports article, and it's definitely worth a read:
Better for baby? Our analysis finds organic food is safer for children

Buying organic definitely will increase the grocery bill, but towards the end of the article, some decent money saving tips are offered.

yummy chili at a high price

manda and israel made yummy, yummy chili for church tonight, to be consumed after the east tennesee district impact team sung their hearts out. reminds me of the days i'd get chili from petro (or whatever that place was called) every now and again. enjoyed the chili at a bit of a high price . . . acid reflux. acid reflux hasn't gone away yet, even though i had that chili nearly 3 hours ago. not a criticism at all of manda & israel's cooking of the chili; it was yummy. think the preggers woman just took the food a bit hard; that's all.

just as thirsty as first trimester

for almost the last week or so, i've returned to the first-trimester-unquenchable thirst. i'm always wanting more drink. in fact, i sometimes have to keep a big cup of water by the bedside so i can tumble out of bed to drink some water. baby's taking loads of water again. not sure what's happening!

too lazy to write anything and i don't have much interesting to say

i haven't had any desire to write anything in recent times. perhaps this is due in part to the fact that i'm taking a breather from my dissertation work. and while i'm taking that break, i'm taking care of things i should have done five million years ago. i had two boxes of clothes, one full of pregnancy clothes and the other bras, that my best friend sent me. plus, i had a bag of some motherhood maternity clothes my mother-in-law got for me while she was here in january. all those things stayed in their respective boexes and bag . . . until yesterday. i'm pathetic. finally, yesterday, i put away stacks of regular size clothes in to vacuum-sealed bags, and i replaced those spots with pregnancy clothes. i figure i no longer have dissertation work, at the moment, to use as an excuse for being lazy. plus, i've now begun my third trimester. is that correct? i'll be 27 weeks on thursday.

Monday, June 12, 2006

what to say and what not to say to a mommy-to-be

I get various weekly e-mails, and this one came to me today. Love it! This is a list of what to say and what not to say to a mommy-to-be from

On the Issue of Pregnancy and Postpartum Weight:

What to Say (All with Sincerity):
  • Honey, you look terrific!
  • Pregnancy becomes you.
  • You need to gain weight, our baby's well-being depends on it!
  • Honey, you just had a baby! You look great for just having a baby!
  • You're having our baby! That automatically makes you beautiful!
What NOT to Say:
  • Wow, you're BIG for____months!
  • Well, at least people know you're pregnant!
  • Should you be eating that? You don't want to gain too much weight.
  • Hey, try breastfeeding! That should take the weight off!
  • Oh, I didn't realize you already had your baby!
On the Issue of Bottle Feeding vs. Breastfeeding:

What to Say:
  • Whatever you decide to do, dear. The baby will be healthy either way.
  • Let's take a breastfeeding class together.
  • I know a friend who's breastfeeding her child. I'll put you in touch with her.
  • There are lots of great formulas out there for you to choose from.
  • Breastfeeding is a beautiful experience to enjoy with your baby.
What NOT to Say:
  • Breastfeeding is for mothers who are too cheap to buy formula.
  • I wouldn't breastfeed if I were you. I tried for three months and gave up because it was too hard.
  • Formula is unhealthy for babies. He'll be sick all the time.
  • Mothers who love their babies breastfeed their babies.
  • Breastfeeding is "dirty" and perverted, especially if done in public.
On the Issue of Child Rearing:

What to Say:
  • I would love to give you advice on anything you need. Just let me know.
  • I've got some great books on parenting. Would you like to borrow them?
  • Let's take a parenting class together. That way, we can be prepared.
  • Parenthood is challenging, but I know you'll be great at it!
  • Follow your heart. You know what's best for your child.
What NOT to Say:
  • Well, here is what I (my mother, Aunt Mabel, Dr. So-n-so, etc.,) think/thinks is best for your baby.
  • This is the only book worth reading on parenting!
  • Just you wait when this baby is born; you'll see how difficult parenting is!
  • Always/Never pamper your children, give them time outs, etc. (In fact, eradicate the words "always" and "never" from your vocabulary when discussing parenting!)
  • Well, if I were you...
What to Say and What Not to Say to a Mother-to-Be

Saturday, June 10, 2006

baby's going crazy with her movements!

a couple of hours ago (woah, has it been a couple of hours; i've been up too late blogging - see manda, i need blogging anonymous help) when i laid down so troy could tell our little munchkin in utero a bedtime story, she started moving a lot. i don't know whether she was excited by troy's voice or she decided to start moving once i was laying still. perhaps a combination of both convinced her to move. troy didn't even have to put his hand on my belly. in fact, he didn' t even need his contacts in (and he can't see very far without corrective lenses) to see her move! that goes to show how huge and frequent her movements were! this is definitely not a complaint. i think it's absolutely fascinating that i can feel the baby's movements.

for those of you who haven't been pregnant ever, these are not to be mistaken for indigestion or weird tummy sensations like that. neither can a person provoke herself to move parts of her tummy like this on purpose.

feeling the baby move is so very neat! it's just a reminder that there is a life inside of me and that she's doing quite well.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

i think the caffeine is FINALLY wearing off, a gazilleon hours later

i think the caffeine is finally wearing off, nearly 24 hours later. i can't be absolutely certain until i try to sleep. this is the life of a caffeine-free preggers woman.

never had problems with going to sleep right after drinking coffee pre-pregnancy. can't decide where the jury stands on caffeine. i kind of enjoy not being hooked on caffeine. but. . . dunno.

but, but, but . . . i don't want to try to go to sleep until i've finished revising ch. 1 of my dissertation and i've done my devotional time for the day. come on lily, you can do it! i don't know folks, she may be fighting a losing battle. she's unfocused and loopy (hey, manda-manders, how is that word spelled? i'm too lazy to look it up - just teasing by the way). oh, and, did i mention that i'm addicted to blogging and can't stop!

no more caffeine at night for me. oh sleepless night!

it wasn't making the african chai that was the mistake. it was preggers woman drinking it last night that was a big ole fat mistake. she (that's me) slept very, very, very little thanks to the oh so powerful drug of caffeine that was in the indian tea (a.k.a. british tea), a key ingredient in the chai.

was so wide away that i took a shower at 2 AM. then put away heap of clean dishes, got troy's coffee ready for the morning. . . fiddled around in my day-timer.

tried to sleep but really laid awake in bed.

got up at 6:30 AM - an unseemly hour for ms. preggers (i haven't been up this early since i taught a 7:45 class this past semester; and even then, i was fighting tooth and nail to get up). i've washed my face, fed niao mi, checked e-mail, checked some blog stuff. and now, i'm blogging! might even do some dissertation work before heading to church in a little over an hour.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

sneezed and nearly peed in my pants

this is a tribute to my friend, christine, who warned me about the reality of pregnancy in many ways. just a few moments ago, i sneezed and nearly peed in my pants. felt a bit of warmth down there (okay, i've revealed more than i really should, but this has turned into my only pregnancy journal for the time being). however, i didn't have any accidents, not even a drop. bet those kegel exercises saved the day. i'd better keep those exercises going. that was too close a call for comfort.

Friday, June 02, 2006

tylenol the wonder drug!

i took a tylenol a little over an hour ago. it's a wonder drug, i declare! the cramps, pain, and achiness are gone. thank goodness.

i can't remember the last time i took tylenol. might have been several years. diligence and determination not to take tylenol unless absolutely necessary has paid off! the one time i do take tylenol, it works brilliantly. go tylenol. go growth of uterus. go baby!

spoke with my ob-gyn's nurse, uterus expansion she says

spoke with my doc's nurse not long ago, maybe ten or fifteen minutes ago. described the pain/achiness to her; said the pain/achiness feels like the day i had a viral infection and feels kind of like ovulating. based on what i said, she concluded that what i'm feeling is pretty standard for pregnant women . . . i'm experiencing pains from an expanding uterus. wow! that's a serious uterus expansion. it's like adding another floor on to a house or something.

i'm a tad bit worried about her prognosis, given that she didn't ask for much more, in terms of what i've been feeling, how long, or whatever. she just seemed to think i'm experiencing standard-fare pregnancy symptoms. she told me to take tylenol and to try and relax (lay down, watch a move, or something relaxing). she said the contractions are probably pretty far apart. CONTRACTIONS? what are those? don't know what those feel like. i guess contractions accompany the activity of an expanding uterus.

was afraid to eat, in case i had a viral infection. she said i could have just clear liquids for a bit, if i'm worried. but, i think i'm going to try and have really easily digestable food . . . see what's going on with my body. that way i can test and see whether this pain and achiness really is from an expanding uterus!

by the way, little munchkin in utero, you take all the room you need in my belly. this offer doesn't get extended to just anyone. grow, grow, grow! be a healthy munchkin.

belly ache lasting all night long

my belly started aching around 10:30 or 11 pm last night. it was hurting pretty badly. not sure how to describe the pain other than it felt a little bit like the time i had a viral infection on mother's day when i ended up vomiting most of the day (the tightness and pain). but the aching and pain also feels kind of like the process of ovulation.

body ached enough that i slept super poorly. saw the clock flash 12:30, 1:15, 1:30, 2:00. . . 3:00, 3:30 . . . 6 AM. felt even more achy when i turned to either side. best position was on my back with a pillow covering half of my back (e.g. the right half of the back), since i'm not supposed to sleep flat on my back.

got up around 10:20 this morning. had a banana. the achiness and pain aren't completely gone. am afraid to eat much, since i'm not sure what's happening.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

yay! no calf muscle spasms last night

after two nights in a row of having calf muscle spasms in the middle of the night, i'm happy to report that last night i had a calf-muscle-spasm-free night! i don't know whether our hour and fifteen minute walk had anything to do with the relief or not. whatever the case, i'm way grateful!