Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Troy Made Dinner Last Night!

When Troy came home yesterday afternoon, I asked him whether he was hungry. As usual, I was pretty hungry. I offered spaghetti as an option for dinner. Out of the blue, of his initiation, he offered to cook the spaghetti! And, cook spaghetti he did. I washed the pot he used and cleaned up after him, but I was absolutely thrilled that he volunteered to cook.

I don't know what motivated Troy to make dinner, but I sure appreciate his initiative and effort. Yay for Troy! Yay for hubby and daddy-to-be.

walking, walking, walking

Troy and I left home at 7:45 this evening and returned around 9 PM. We walked from home to the UTPA campus, once around the campus, and back home. Felt pretty good initially. But then, my right side started to hurt a bit; couldn't tell whether it was the uterus or what hurt. Continued walking, but a bit slower, until the pain subsided. All in all, I must say, the walk felt pretty good. Uterus felt a bit tight and heavy during the walk and I was hot, but we got exercise. Yay for exercise! Hope that helps with my quirky calf muscles.

Making Marriage a Priority Even After the Baby is Born

From observing people around me throughout my life, I have realized that carving out time where the husband and wife can spend some one-on-one time is ever importnat, as challenging as that can be, especially with a teeny tiny little one. Troy and I will not neglect our child to fulfill this goal. But, I definitely see the importance of making time for just the two of us.

In fact for the health of the family, two goals I am going to try and maintain, even with the birth of our child, are:

1. make time for just the two of us to do something together once a week.
2. get some time on my own once a week (troy and baby girl can have some father-daughter
bonding time).

Both of those are necessary for the health of our marriage and the sanity of all members involved.

Here's an article I read from Happy, Healthy, Pregnancy, about the issue:
Making Marriage a Mission After Baby

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Dec 16 was the first time I asked someone about whether I was pregnant!

Just received an e-mail, notifying me that a comment had been added to a posting I placed in mid-December. I don't even remember on what board, specifically, I had placed this posting.

On December 16, 2005, I had asked a nurse in Canada, via the internet, whether I could possibly be pregnant. And, I gave her my symptoms, which I had been experiencing for several days by the time I submitted that posting. I think that I am at least a few days (up to a week) further along than my doctor says I am! By my doctor's estimation, conception took place around Dec. 20 or 21. Now, I'm pretty sure conception took place nearly a week before that.

Calf Muscle Spasms

The night before last, in the middle of the night when we were sleeping, my right leg calf muscle (I don't know which one) started hurting super badly, as if I had pulled it. Must have been somewhere deep, because I was unable to locate it on the surface with my hands. Though it hurt super badly, I could do nothing to ease the pain but wait it out.

Happened again last night, but with both legs - still a deep calf muscle in both legs. I had to flex the calf muscles, by pointing my toes in the direction of my knees, to lessen the pain. But, as soon as I relaxed my feet, they hurt again. Had to keep them flexed for a bit.

What's going on? Is this happening because I'm preggers? Or what did I do? Once in a long while, my right calf muscle would hurt like this, a few years after we started lifting weights. Don't know.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

A story that will make you laugh

Yesterday evening, Manda and I were at PetSmart. She was picking out a goldfish and I was thinking about getting goldfish. At one point in time, Manda convinced me to get goldfish. Called Troy at Manda & Johnny's to make sure he was okay with me getting goldfish.

Once he's on the phone, I ask Troy whether it really is okay if I get goldfish. His initial response was something to the effect of, "It's really shocking that you really want one." I was baffled and asked him, "Are you really shocked that I want one?" Apparently he didn't hear me. "Say it again," he said. I repeated the same exact thing. He said, repeating what he thought I had said, "Am I wearing socks," at the point which I laughed really hard and continuously. My laugh was so hard and forceful that I farted! The harder and the more I laughed, the more I farted.

Manda, bless her heart, didn't know exactly what was going on. As soon as I confessed my farting, she ushered us to another aisle. Thankfully, my farts weren't of the smelling sort. Usually the loud ones are not smelly, at least with me. At first I was a bit mortified that my boisterous laughing made me fart. But, then, I was in good company, and Manda took it in very good humor.

I'm still laughing about it, when I think back to what happened last night. Told Troy and Johnny last night after Manda & I got back to the house. Guess there's no shame now that I'm pregnant. All kinds of things happens. Need more funny stories? Go to Those stories are not mine.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Today's Events

Here's what happened through the course of my day today (or uh, friday, may 26):
  • drank some gross orange soda stuff a the doctor's office, for a glucose screening test, at 9 AM.
  • waited around in the doctor's office for an hour.
  • got my blood drawn for the glucose screen test.
  • got out of the waiting room and into one of the doctor's offices around 10:20 AM.
  • saw an ob-gyn doctor around 10:50 AM, a hour and fifty minutes after my scheduled appointment with him.
  • doc said the baby's heartbeat is extremely strong and good!
  • made the mistake of asking the doc, who was seeing me for the first time, whether gaining six pounds in four weeks was a bit much.
  • dropped troy off at school so he could work out in the gym.
  • came home and made phone calls to arrange for our car to be fixed, including calling pastor kevin to take him up on an offer to give us a ride and calling the garage to see how long the car repair would take.
  • spoke with rhonda. rhonda and john were coming over in the afternoon, and they would also offer us a ride to the garage to pick up our car.
  • rhonda and john came over around 4:30 pm.
  • boys took care of getting the car. and i was working on putting together a pizza (see picture in for a picture of the sort of pizza I ended up putting together).
  • got interrupted by a call from my dissertation advisor.
  • spoke with my advisor for thirty to forty-five minutes, which was pretty bad.
  • got off the phone, apologized for using so much time on the phone to rhonda, and put together a pizza.
  • ate pizza with troy, rhonda, john, maverick, and little munckin in utero (my belly).
  • went to get tickets to see x-men: the last stand.
  • troy, rhonda, john, and i got treats at marble slab.
  • finally, we saw x-men: the last stand, in a packed theater.
  • i'm now home, unwinding for the evening and blogging.
Good night everyone.

Dissertation Work, the Bane of My Existence

Receiving bad news and being pregnant are such a bad combination. Lots of good things have happened today though. The pastor of our church, Kevin Sheese, was kind enough to guide my husband to a mechanic that could fix our failing passenger power window in our car (it's been stuck almost all the way open since Wednesday). The mechanic, Israel Martinez, is a fair, honest, and brilliant mechanic, not to mention fast. We took the car in to their garage between 2 and 2:30 this afternoon; they had it ready by 5 pm! And, his rates were EXTREMELY reasonable. Other good things happened, too. Rhonda and John came over to spend time with us. Rhonda waited patiently in the livingroom while I had a meltdown on the phone with my PhD advisor (read my blog: for more details. Then we decided to go see X-Men: The Last Stand. But before we went to see the movie, I got an icecream fix at Marble Slab. Thanks for that suggestion John! Actually, I'm sure it functioned as comfort food, from the let down of where I stand in terms of dissertation work. But, the icecream, the movie, and the company were all good things. I'm sad and feeling quite miserable whenever I think of my dissertation; it's the bane of my existence. But, tomorrow's a new day, and perhaps then, I can attempt to peel myself off the floor and see what I can do.

i'm wondering whether i gained too much weight recently

I just got back from the doctor's office. I'm at a women's clinic, and I'm at the point where I'm rotating doctors, until I've seen all the doctors at the clinic (given that they can't guarantee which doctor will deliver my baby). Dr. Carlos Mohamed is the doc I saw today.

Blood pressure seemed decent: 98/62. Doc said the baby's heart beat sounds very strong. But, I noticed that I've gained 6 pounds since my last appointment, four weeks ago. I asked Dr. Mohamed whether that was something about which to worry. He said that was a bit much in weight gain and to eat less of whatever was causing the weight gain . . . literally eating for two, too much bread, too much sugar. He even suggested not eating cereal or eating peaches instead of bananas (since bananas are kind of high in sugar).

I'm not sure whether I indeed have something to worry about or not. This is the first time Dr. Mohamed has seen me, and he might be looking just at the difference from the last appointment until now. I've gained 16 pounds since my very first doctor's visit. I'm a bit worried; should I be (worried)? I'm not trying to literally eat enough food for 2 people. And, I don't think the content of my diet's way beyond the usual of what I ate pre-pregnancy. For sure, I'm eating more meals than pre-pregnancy. Aaaaaack!!!!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

perhaps i'm just pathetic, but i'm tired from our walk

today marks 24 weeks! given that a year has 52 weeks, i'm not quite at 6 months. but, i'm close, i say.

troy and i just got done taking a walk. well, we finished just after 9 pm. at the start of our walk a little over an hour ago, the walk was already feeling somewhat difficult. everything in the belly region just seemed tight. plus, at the pace we walked, at first, i had trouble getting in any deep breaths.

however, we walked the same walking route in a shorter period of time today. i'm pretty sweaty, a tad cold (that's usually a sign that the "workout" was tough on my body) - that's pathetic, and my belly itches really badly. despite that fact, i'm still really glad we went on the walk, lasting just a hair over an hour.

another positive effect from our walk, besides getting good exercise, is that i'm temporarily more alert than before the walk. we'll see how long that lasts. might even do a bit more dissertation work before heading to bed tonight!

we passed at least 19 cats/kittens on campus, a record.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

being out most of the day was quite exhausting!

junko and i went out for lunch to a japanese restaurant, musashi. the food was really yummy. i ordered whatever junko got. the only sad bit was that i was given some raw fish, which i love. but, i've given that up for the baby in utero. then we went to two of the local asian grocers, oriental food market and tokyo asian market. picked up some stuff to make miso soup and sushi, since junko said she' d teach me how to make both. by the time we got to her place, so she could school me on how to make miso soup, it was already after 4 o'clock. and, by the time i picked troy up from school and we arrived home, it was past five.

i had a fantastic time with junko. would do it again any day of the week. made miso soup (served with rice) for dinner soon after we got home. it's quite yummy. munchkin likes it anyways; she was moving all around while i was still eating! but, i am exhausted . . . drop dead tired. can't do much of anything without being quite tired, when i'm pregnant! oh well, that's alright. i keep telling myself, my heart is working for two, and i'm pumping a lot more blood than i did previously!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I think my uterus is growing in a serious way

Throughout the day today, I've felt a dull ache or stretch around my belly, especially on the sides and on top. Coupled with the fact that yesterday and parts of today, my belly has been itchy, I've come up with the hypothesis that my uterus growing exponentially! Baby's kicking growth into high gear for a bit; none of this mamby-pamby growth stuff. Go baby!

i can see the little munchkin move!

I was sitting in our recliner in the living room, reclined as far as I could go, looking over some material for my dissertation. Suddenly, I could feel the little munchkin in utero moving. I looked down at my belly. And, several times during which I felt her move, I could also see her move. A little part of the greenish-blue shirt I'm wearing would rise momentarily. That's so cool!

Monday, May 22, 2006

my belly itches very badly

i don't know what's going on but suddenly my belly itches super badly. not supposed to scratch it, but did for a bit anyways. still itchy, itchy!

what did i look like pre-pregnancy?

i'm nearing 24 weeks of pregnancy. last night, i was thinking, i can't remember what i looked like before i was pregnant. i don't know how my belly looked. i don't remember what my chest looked like.

i don't even have a good recollection of how i felt pre-pregnancy. how much did i eat before i was pregnant? how much water or fluids did i consume each day? was there a life before i became pregnant?

Sunday, May 21, 2006

bedtime stories still going strong

hubby's been reading a bedtime story almost every night, since some time in the latter portion of the first trimester. that way, munchkin can grow accustomed to hearing daddy's voice while still in utero. hopefully by the time she joins us in the world, she'll not only recognize daddy's voice but also find daddy's voice soothing and calming. that way, if I'm too exhausted to talk much to the little one right after giving birth, she can be calmed by his voice.

headaches as an indication that i'm not drinking enough water

what i'm about to write is from my own experience. i'm not a doctor, neither do i claim the wisdom of a doctor. i am also aware of the fact that headaches can be triggered by a multitude of different things.

what i've noticed since i've been pregnant is that oftentimes headaches are a painful reminder that i haven't had enough water to drink for that day or time in the day. i'm drinking, comparing with what i consumed pre-pregnancy, an insane amount of water every day. 64 fl. oz. is not enough to make my eyes bat. in fact, in my first trimester, my body was indicating that i needed to drink water even through the night. so, being obedient to the demands of my body (and the baby), i kept a cup of water near the bed. thankfully the kitchen is just steps away from our bedroom, so i could refill my cup often, which was just as often as i went to the bathroom, in that first trimester.

in the second trimester, i still have needed to consume a significant amount of water everyday. in fact, i consumed close to 32 fl. oz. of water just in the time i was a church this morning. but, mercifully, i've gone to the bathroom and gotten up to drink water fewer times in any given night.

i'm glad, i guess, my body has a mechanism to warn me about not drinking enough water. don't want to deprive the baby or my body of the water it needs to do well. on bad days, i think about what a nuisance and pain headaches are, but, this sort of stark reminder might not be such a bad thing.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

coffee still seems yucky

Many know that pre-pregnancy, I was an avid coffee lover. And, after I became pregnant, coffee has become distasteful to me, even yucky. What was amazing is that when I went off caffeine and off coffee cold turkey, I experienced no caffeine withdrawal symptoms. In the past, when I tried to go off coffee, several symptoms appeared - severe headaches and supreme grouchyness.

Yesterday, while Troy and I were at Coffee Zone for a Christian faculty discussion group, Troy ordered a super sweet, iced Oreo Mocha drink. Took a sip of it. Initially, when I tasted the oreo part, I liked it. But, as soon as the coffee part of the drink hit my taste buds, my response was, "yuck." That's okay with me if baby doesn't like coffee.

Friday, May 19, 2006

eating of junk food commences

Tonight, Troy and I joined faculty members for dinner at Fuddrucker's. Instead of having a veggie burger or a meat burger, I chose to have nachos and fries. Talk about unhealthy. At least I got chicken on the nachos! What can I say, but, I have now started craving junk food. Great, what if I turn into a great big heifer from eating junk food, and I can't get rid of the fatness from my poor choices of food? Aack.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

more saliva when pregnant

Especially in more recent times, I've discovered that I regularly have more saliva at any given time than pre-pregnancy. The only time that's a bit of a nuisance is that I choke a bit more easily (on my spit) than usual, from it going down the wrong pipe. Strange, huh?

a woman guessed the gender of the baby

Troy and I picked up some green beans at Hop Tung (a Vietnamese/Chinese restaurant in McAllen), before heading home this evening. For those who are unaware, Hop Tung is one of my favorite local restaurants. They make yummy hot and sour soup and other good cuisine. Anyways, I ordered green beans to go, and while I was sitting in a chair and waiting, a server, who is used to seeing me there every now and again, walked up to me. She greeted me and then said that she was unaware that I was expecting. After congratulating me, she asked whether I was having a girl and whether the doctor has told us what (gender) we're having.

I confirmed that we are having a girl. Troy asked her how she knew we're having a girl. Her response? Women carry girls lower and pointedly, and women carry boys higher and rounder. And, she said that's I'm carrying low and pointedly. I was shocked how observant she was, since little munchkin isn't all that big, yet. The server even admitted that I'm still pretty small. Anyways, I find it interesting how she guessed the gender of the little one.

Fascination with Baby Movements

Some may think that I've gone on and on and on about feeling the munchin in utero's movements, but I can't help it! This isn't a matter of indigestion or something unsettling like that. The movements are a sign of the health and vitality, not of me, but of the little one.

When my best friend, Christine, was pregnant, not that long ago, I remember that every now and again, she would put her hand on her tummy and speak to the baby in her belly. Oftentimes when she felt her baby move, she would greet her little one. I found such occasions, at best, to be an enigma. Wasn't quite sure how to respond to such times.

Now, they make perfect sense. I, too, am tempted to give words of greeting and love to the little one when she moves. By this time, certainly, she can hear quite well. I have a keen desire to connect with her.

I know this seems rather strange and peculiar to those who have never been pregnant before, but feeling the baby move is so very special. I love it!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Moving, moving, moving - that's what she seems to do!

Now that I'm certain of what the munchkin in the belly's movements feel like and now that she's probably bigger, I'm feeling her move constantly! This morning, while Troy was reading in the recliner, he put his hand on my belly, and immediate results followed. He felt her move.

Then, Manda and I went to the Scholastic Book fair to pick up some books, and while we were at the warehouse, she felt the munchkin move. I told Manda that baby was on the move. Moments after Manda put her hand on my belly, she felt the baby move. This is so much fun.

I know, I won't be saying that when she's big enough to do some real damage, like puncture my ribs. But, I can have my fun while it lasts, can't I? Whaaa hoooo for the baby!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

No More Subtle Baby Movements in Utero!

We had homemade pizza for lunch. Great idea of Mandas; must give credit where credit is due. Actually the crust was ready-made and ready to go. I added pizza sauce (a.k.a. thick red sauce), pineapples, mushrooms, and lots of shredded cheese. Baked the pizza at 450 degrees for 10 minutes. After letting it cool for 10 minutes, we had at it!

I had one piece, and Troy had three pieces. He cut the pizza into six pieces.

Soon after eating the pizza, I could feel baby in utero moving a lot. I decided to lay down on the bed next to Troy. Within 20 seconds of putting a hand on my belly, Troy could feel the baby move 4 TIMES. Count them - 1, 2, 3, 4 times. Her movements are not subtle like on Mother's Day. They are very noticeable. Hooray for baby.

Appetite is Back with a Vengeance

Hope I'm not speaking a bit too soon, but I can already feel the appetite making its reappearance, this time with a vengeance. Feels almost as if baby's saying, "That 24 hour period of not eating . . . we've had enough of that!" Let's eat. I can feel the baby moving a lot as I'm typing; she must be agreeing!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Little Munchkin's Movements Aren't At All Subtle Anymore!

I'm winding down for the night, with a bit of pregnancy tea, English style. I'm reclining on our futon in the living room, watching a movie. And all of the sudden, little munchkin in the belly decides to dance about in the belly. The movements definitely were not subtle. I could feel it both on the inside of the belly and on the outside of the belly. I daresay if my fingers weren't on my belly, I probably could have seen the movements of the baby, too. How cool is that! I think that's simply amazing.

Right now, she's still too small to be a physical pain when she's doing her aerobics or karate exercises. Feeling her move is lots of fun. Hopefully she'll be calm enough so that I can get some sleep tonight when I finally decide to lay down for the night.

Her movements, to me, feel like little fish swimming through water. Her movements never felt like butterflies to me.

Mother's Day

Yesterday, as many are aware, was Mother's Day. Some would argue that I couldn't really celebrate Mother's Day yesterday. Next year will be the first Mother's Day I can legitimately celebrate. I'm not going to offer any argument to the point, but, I think, in some important manner, I am a mother. After all, I have a little munchkin residing and growing in my belly, and she's been in there for over five months!

Yesterday was also the day munchkin decided to make her grand debut known to Troy. She moved in a grand enough fashion, that Troy could feel her move by placing his fingers on my belly. She was quite active yesterday, despite my miserable physical state.

I spent the better (or worse, from my viewpoint) part of the day vomitting. Threw up just about everything I ate. Everyone gets sick at some time or another. But, I must confess, I'm a super poor sport when it comes to me being sick. That fact coupled with pregnancy is a deadly combination. In between throw up spells, I cried very passionately, exclaiming to Troy that I could take much more of the pain of throwing up.

Finally, by mid-evening, I was able to speak with a nurse mid-wife affiliated with my OB-GYN office. After explaining what had happened over the course of the day, she thought I either had a bug or I had food poisoning. Whatever the case, she recommended that I not eat for 24 hours. I was to only drink clear liquids, such as water, Ginger Ale, Sprite, or Gatorade. After I spoke with her, I threw up some more and cried some more.

Troy was such a sport. He did his acoustic guitar practice in our bedroom, while I attempted to rest in bed. And, he kept his electric guitar practice to a more minimal time than usual. Being a companion to me was all the sympathy I needed, and I really appreciated how close he stayed by my side that night.

Troy also gave me a Mother's Day present - Godiva chocolate!!! Can't wait to indulge in that when I feel better.

Around six o'clock this evening, I finally reintroduced food into my diet, beginning with apple sauce. Half an hour after eating that and seeing that my body took the food without difficulty, I moved on to chicken broth with rice, and then a little container of drinkable yogurt, followed by a banana. I'm still skeaming what I can eat! Baby's thrilled that I'm eating again, and she keeps moving about, here and there. I'm absolutely delighted, too.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Thank goodness for a much better day today

Today's been a much better day, physically and in general; praise the Lord. Yesterday, honestly, was just plain miserable.
What did I do today? Well, I . . .
  • Did some dissertation work.
  • Submitted final grades for all of my students for this semester.
  • By late afternoon, Johnny, Troy, and I went to a Scholastic book sale - 50% off for teachers, librarians, and some others. Picked up a couple of books and some cards for our little munchkin.
  • Met the darling little cocker spaniel that Johnny and Manda rescued. Too bad this is a bad time for us to be expanding our family by taking in cute little furry animals. But, the little puppy will have a new home tomorrow, with friends from church.
  • Came home and had dinner.
  • Went to Target and HEB (a grocery store) and had the pleasure of Manda's company. The time seemed to pass so quickly with Manda for company. Didn't even feel tired, though shopping usually seems quite tiresome, since I've been pregnant. Manda must be the magic trick!
  • Came home, and with Troy's help, put away the groceries.
All in all, the day has been good.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

When It Rains, It Pours

For those who don't want to read any complaints, don't continue reading. I've got to get this off my chest.

Today's been a terrible day, in terms of physical well-being. I've had horrible acid-reflux problems since around noon. I've been feeling huge and tremendously uncomfortable since mid-afternoon, and any attempts to lay down, even at an incline, has resulted in not being able to breathe very well. I've had diarrhea most of the day, leaving a certain part of my butt very sore. And, now, to add to the kit-and-kaboodle, my upper back has been aching for the last fifteen to twenty minutes. Help me!!! I'm in agony. Please tell me that the baby's going to come out healthy at the end of this difficult baby-making enterprise.

Oh yes . . . and I forgot to mention, my carpal tunnel has been flaring in both hands. So, whenever I've been attempting to do dissertation work, I've felt writhing pain in my hands. What else can go wrong? Okay, I withdraw that question; I don't want to find out. . .

Payment for Not Eating Soon Enough

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh! Apparently munchkin in the belly thinks that I haven't had what she calls substantial in awhile, and she's protesting. I'm experiencing acid reflux from hell. But, my stomach hasn't been feeling well, so I've been a bit hesitant in eating. While hubby was eating his breakfast, around twenty minutes ago, I had a popsicle. That burned with every bite. Had a drinkable yogurt, while I was waiting for the hot & sour soup with rice to heat up. That burned, going down, too. When I feel such a strong burning sensation, I don't want to eat. Yet, I know the consequences will be worse if I don't eat very soon. So, cheers to you little baby! Hope you like this little one. It's acid reflux or (possible) diarrhea for me. Here we go.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Dealing with Frequent Urination

I get weekly updates and tips from, by e-mail. This particular tip, Week 21 Pregnancy Tip, came Friday of last week:

Dealing with Frequent Urination

As your baby grows, there's less room for your bladder to expand, which may leave have you visiting the restroom more often. Here are some strategies to help you deal with the increased frequency:
  • Don't try to "hold it" and wait. This could cause other problems with your bladder, such as irritation.
  • Make sure you empty your bladder completely every time. Wait for a few seconds after you finish, and see if you have to go again before you get up.
  • Drink less in the evenings to avoid sleep interruptions.

I don't know precisely why I found and still find the tip amusing, but I do. Perhaps it's the idea of completely emptying my bladder. Since I've gotten that tip by e-mail, I actually do try to make sure I empty my bladder each time I go. But, what I find amusing is that my bladder is never empty for very long!

Looked Like the Incredible Hulk After Our Walk

The day before yesterday, Troy and I took a walk at 7:15 PM. Apparently the temperature soared over 100 degrees. We walked for just over an hour. By the time we got back, we were both sweaty and gross. And, my fingers were so swollen, I couldn't entirely close them in a fist; I probably looked like the Incredible Hulk, except I wasn't green. I was so swollen from the heat and humidity!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Enough of These Zits Already!

Okay, so, some women have experiences of increased acne or zits from a week before their period is to start up until their period does start. I had that sort of experience, when I had periods. Now that I'm pregnant, I'm having zit problems all the time. I have zits around my face. Some of them sit around various parts of my hair line. I've got zits popping up sometimes around my eyebrows, between my nose and mouth, on my chin, you name it. I'm sick and tired of these stupid zits!

I know, I know, it's part and parcel of the hormonal fluctuations reaking havok on my body, since I've turned into a baby-making factory. But, no one said I had to enjoy that part of the process - the pimple-making portion of the baby-making factory. It's as if I'm taking a blast to the past . . . of teenage years. Only, I would call that a blast of any enjoyable sort. Help! I want to continue to be a good baby-making factory without the acne.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

My Butt is so Sore!

I don't know whether I've gained too much belly for my butt or what's going on, but my butt is oftentimes sore these days. I was uploading some pictures for fifteen to thirty minutes. When I finished, I started to get up out of the chair when by butt cried out in soreness! Pregnancy can be such hard work on the body.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Where, inside the baby, do the nutrients from the umbilical cord go?

I was conversing with my sister earlier today. And, she had an excellent question. Certainly, the umbilical cord is attached on one end, to the placenta, and on the other end, to the baby's belly. But, from the baby's belly, where do the nutrients from the umbilical cord go, on the inside of the baby?

Tenny found the answer online. The nutrients of the umbilical cord go to the baby's liver!

Check out the following website from Children's Hospital, in Boston:

Blood Circulation in the Fetus and Newborn

Drinking Enough When Your Pee is Nearly Clear

One common piece of advice is that you knows you have drank enough fluid if your pee is nearly clear in color. This, I assume, applies to everyone, not just expecting women. I understand how this recommendation or rule of thumb works. But, let my thoughts wander on the subject for a moment.

I've noticed that prenatal vitamins make the pee an even brighter yellow, no matter how much water I drink within several hours after taking the prenatal vitamin. Also, there are other times where it doesn't seem to matter how much water I drink and my pee is still a brighter yellow. I know, I know, in general, the more water I drink, the lighter yellow the pee is. Isn't the baby getting rid of her junk through my pee, too? Is that why, at times, the pee is brighter yellow, despite how much water I'm drinking?

I think my bladder's going on strike soon, given how frequently I'm going to the bathroom. For sure, I'm drinking more water on a regular basis, than ever pre-pregnancy. This is all (or nearly all) for the sake of the munchkin in utero!!!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Querk of Pregnancy, Nearly Pee-ed in my Pants

Just a moment ago, I was coughly quite hard for a spell, and I nearly pee-ed in my pants. I VERY nearly pee-ed in my pants, you know, felt warmth. Okay, that was way too much information. Call it luck or perhaps my occasional practice of Kegel exercises has proven effective. But, I didn't pee in my pants. Thank goodness.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Pregnant Women with Low Vitamin D Have Smaller Babies

I ran across an interesting article, printed by Reuters, on the connection between pregnant women's vitamin D intake and the birthweight of newborns. The article claims that lower levels of vitamin D intake by pregnant women results in a lower birthweight of a newborn. And, the article suggests that if pregnant women cut their intake of milk (fortified with vitamin D), they should make sure they consume enough foods containing Vitamin D.

Women with low vitamin D levels have small infants